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Avoid shot, keep job using this form; enroll in school without CV-19 jab — here’s a form

Catherine Austin Fitts gives an interview on Brighteon, urging that on Fridays we always use cash, to support the cash economy, vs. the all-digital economy sought by the world’s Great Ones and the oligarchs.

If you are being commanded to get a CV-19 shot by your employer, or you are being told you cannot attend a school or university without submitting to the jab, you have means of resisting and not complying by use of either of two forms.

They are available at various places, including the Solari Report run by Catherine Austin Fitts. At this page are links to the documents, available just below, and also to explainer material to help you say “No.” Here’s a link to the page from which the links below come.

Among the detailed resource pages available online is this one from LifeSiteNews.

The Tulis Report is 1 p.m. weekdays at NoogaRadio 92.7 FM.

This 20-page legal notice lets you fight back vs. illicit ‘traffic stops’ — sue for damages, have defense in your criminal case

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