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Is it time for the church to step up, defy tyrants?

Pretended authority under Canadian public health law gave these cops a basis for seizing, closing and fencing off GraceLife church.

Has the professing Christian community stopped to consider how its present reaction to tyranny against corporate worship (public assembling) is perhaps its own tragic but necessary indictment?

By Tim Yarbrough

Consider the following inquiries:

1. Where was/is the “institutional church” when babies in the womb find their greatest advocates against their murder outside the “institutional church”?

2. Where was/is the “institutional church” when civil ministers begin to plunder the widows through inheritance confiscations?

3. Where was/is the “institutional church” when the civil ministers and various government agencies formulated and engaged in the process of trafficking children sexually and protecting the perpetrators through the “legal system”?

4. Where was/is the “institutional church” in advocating for and practicing transparency when its leaders have/do participate in and cover up sexual infidelities, marital and institutional abuse of women (some men), and financial scandals of incredible magnitude?

5. Where was/is the “institutional church” when literally millions of individuals have been imprisoned and there was no harm to others and no property damage?

6. Where was/is the “institutional church” when hundreds of thousands of the young men and women of this country have been sent off to foreign entanglements (think I Samuel 8 warnings about aggressive warfare) to the loss of life, destruction of families, and incredible mental health issues upon return because of the exposure?

7. Where was/is the “institutional church” when civil ministers carried out bioweapons experiments on our own people? 8. Where was/is the “institutional church” when civil ministers knowingly imprisoned untold numbers of innocent people?

9. Where was/is the “institutional church” when millions of our youngest men and women are being trained through civil institutions in sexual revolution theology diametrically opposed to the sexual ethics of Christ’s Kingdom?

10. Where was/is the “institutional church” when it comes to the ethics of economic systems promoting violations of the 8th commandment through it silent confiscatory processes?

While it is certainly true that there have been “some” who have pursued the “justice” God requires of man (Micah 6:8), one cannot help but wonder WHY there was no social proclamation and stand for the applications of the ethics of the Kingdom until they knocked on the “institutional door”?

This is not to advocate that a stand is not needed, but it is to pose the question – “why did we not love our neighbor until our ox was gored”?

Perhaps the answer is in the asking.

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