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Letters urging mandamus action hit TN supreme court

Chad and Jessica Hedgcock are among the many principled Tennesseans who object to being dehumanized, depersonalized and animalized by so-called mask mandates. (Photo Jaimie Wilson)

The Tennessee supreme court has received my demand for reconsideration of its dismissal of my grievance at the handling of my bid to overturn the CV-19 overthrow by Gov. Bill Lee.

It denied a Nov. 2 appeal to review administratively the work of unjust judge Pamela Fleenor in Hamilton County chancery, who is ignoring her high duty at equity to immediately halt a massive fraud and to compel obedience to state law by people sworn to uphold that law. I have asked my reader and listeners at NoogaRadio 92.7 FM to urge the justices to review the continual abusive treatment of the people’s claims by Judge Fleenor in my case, State of Tennessee ex rel David Tulis. She is a Republican up for re-election in 2022. Letters should be sent snail mail. — DJT

Chief Justice Jeff Bivins

TN Supreme Court

401 7th Ave. North

Nashville, TN 37219-1407

‘Damning’ to close society, shun people

Chief Justice Jeff Bivins, my name is Jessica Hedgcock. I am writing you as an American citizen and as a local of Tennessee. I am a loving wife of 11 years and a stay at home mother to 5 children ages 9, 7, 5, 3 & 7 months.

I write you today to urge you to reconsider David Tulis’ demand for writ of mandamus. The need for supervision of unjust judge Pam Fleenor is dire. Please, I beg of you. Order her to obey the rule of law. To honor godly rules of equity and issue the writ immediately to stop further harm to the people and the state.

Pam Fleenor, chancery judge

The mandates are not only unjust, unconstitutional, but they are also damning. From elderly and sick in the hospital no longer allowed a support person; to mothers not allowed to breastfeed their babies because hospitals are saying only patients are allowed when entering the building. Are we really denying a mother or father the ability to take their child about on a daily errand? We are shutting down society in many ways which will eventually only stir up bitterness and anger. How much power are you letting these places have?

I for one have been hurt by these mandates. I gave birth back in May to our son who was born with an SCT tumor 11.5 cm. That’s the size of his head. My husband went with our son to a higher level of care hospital for our child while I stayed back and recovered alone. Even if I gave birth to a healthy baby birthing a human being into this world takes hard work, strength, and energy and most importantly support. Being alone after birthing was not healthy.

Google for just a minute Sacrococcygeal Teratoma. If you found something that doesn’t even look human, yeah, you found it. I gave birth to that and was left all alone. Alone. Jump ahead to me being discharged I went to my sons NICU but at the entrance was told only one parent was allowed in. When you don’t speak up about mandates being unconstitutional and unjust hospitals and other business take even more control and freedoms.

Sadly, my story of trauma continues. Although I have two medical mask exemptions, I was forced to wear a mask otherwise my son was to be kicked out of the Kennedy Outpatient Center. I purchased a mask that I could breathe out of and went to our genetics appointment. I was reprimanded about my mask and told I would have to wear a surgical mask or no visit would happen. I had a panic attack in her office and was officially kicked out permanently.

These offenses are not OK! Our nation is being destroyed in front of our very eyes. Literally, the seams are being ripped away.

But now you, Chief Justice Bivins, you have the chance to make a difference in this world. So that one day you know, you not only did what was just in the eyes of God, but that you did what was just for all humanity. Reconsider David Tulis’ demand. Please, I implore you to simply do what is right.

Respectfully yours, etc.

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