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Shot toll mounts; no word from Lee, health boss Alvarado

James Roguski is covering the update in WHO’s international health regulations that intend to swamp local and national authority.
For more than a year fit and healthy people have been “dying suddenly” with no care about the cause from local medical examiners. The deaths of stars are so frequent no one can keep up.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Feb. 20 2023 — The death toll from the department of defense countermeasure deployment across Tennessee has taken 107,100 lives without comment from Gov. Bill Lee or health commissioner Ralph Alvarado.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

The injury toll is 1.337 million in Tennessee. The most recent press statement from the department of health, apart from a release on tobacco, deals with pregnancy. The CV-19 inoculations target female reproductive organs. The state, in a Jan. 11 press release, is in recognition of National Birth Defects Awareness Month. “More than 3,000 babies are born with birth defects every year. Birth defects cause one in five infant deaths in the state and cause lifelong physical and intellectual challenges for others.” 

The state makes no comment about CV-19 jab harms to babies unborn. “Pierre Kory wrote an article, Massive Miscarriage Rates Among Vaccinated Pregnant Women Found Buried In The Pfizer Documents on August 20, 2022. He wrote: “So, of the 32 pregnancies they knew the outcome of, 87.5% resulted in the death of the fetus or neonate.” In the comments to Kory’s article, James Thorp mentioned he wrote a letter to the Executive Director of American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG). It’s now 6 months later, and we now know the response from the mainstream medical community including ABOG: silence.” More on jab harms to preborn babies here.

Tom Fiotton says correspondence show officials covering jab harms.

➤ The CDC is attempting to reduce reporting the VAERS, the vaccine adverse event reporting system, says Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch.

Freedom of information requests uncovered that in an email dated May 17th of 2021 a CDC official says internally that some of the providers that report to what’s known as the VAERS system that across the country the CDC was under the impression that many providers weren’t even reporting post-vaccination cases of myocarditis, despite the requirement to do so under the emergency use authorization.”

It’s a reporter for The Epoch Times sharing them, and in them you can see CDC official, after official, after official getting notified that doctors around the country are seeing problems *** especially young people having these swollen hearts as a result of getting the covid vaccine.”

So we’ve got a secret document about vaccine injury potentials. This is something that is incredibly disturbing, and then there’s more information about the the issue of pregnancy in the vaccine, and you talk and and there we have a meeting with Ray Rochelle, presumably Rochelle Walinski, about if we should say anything or wait till we have more definitive information.”

In other words it wasn’t just the CDC that was downplaying the risk of myocarditis as a result of the jab, it was actually medical professionals across the country who were scared to actually include these reports in the VAERS system. Well that’s that’s the key point, there was this chilling effect throughout the medical establishment that any doctor who raised anything about vaccines were targeted, they were they were fear of losing their jobs, and if they started tying Adverse Events to vaccination status is they were putting themselves and their jobs on the line and you could understand why these reports weren’t being placed.”

Cynthia, a jab victim, tells a tale of woe on Gab.

➤ Tennessee got F$3.5 billion in ESSER money for purported CV-19 relief, a buyoff that figures in government’s silence over jab injury. Says Beacon Center in a 2022 review of slush fund expenditures in local government, “Though these funds were meant to combat the pandemic and learning loss, they came with few strings attached. Hamilton County Schools has budgeted $25 million dollars for a new building, reasoning that it will allow for ‘appropriate social distancing.” HCS also budgeted** nearly $200,000 to remodel a cafeteria for “appropriate social distancing.’ New buildings and renovations can be legitimate school expenditures, but when dollars were intended to combat the pandemic and learning loss, students and academics should be the priority, not new buildings.” The building is for Tyner Academy, whose students have protested the dilapidated plant.

A school spokesman, responding to the report, says the county made “thoughtful and impactful decision” about how to spend the money. “HCS has dedicated over 45% of its allocated ESSER funds, more than $60.7 million, to address student learning loss and student learning acceleration. The $33 million designated for the construction of a new Tyner Middle/High School was widely supported by the Hamilton County community to address a longtime need.”

So much for social distancing between government intent in the subsidy and rationalizations in its use in the hinterlands. But the patient is hooked.

Military Countermeasures with Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt | MSOM Ep. 679

Globalese interpreted

➤ The Working Group that is considering amendments to the International Health Regulations (WGIHR) will be meeting starting today (February 20-24). The meetings are set to be live-streamed and recorded — until they decide to turn off the cameras, says James Roguski, who is monitoring the events.). https://apps.who.int/gb/wgihr/e/e_wgihr-2.html.  Mr. Roguski says the meetings are in Geneva, so they begin 3 a.m. Eastern. The WHO rules intend to claim authority over health officialdom in the world’s nations. Here is an interview with Mr. Roguski. Here’s a link:

➤ CV-19 “pandemic” brought a slight reduction in enrollment in Tennessee’s school cartel. ​​In Tennessee, there were 981,321 public school students enrolled in 2019; by the Fall of 2021, that number had decreased to 967,278, according an Urban Institute report.

James Aslinger

Tennessee had among the largest new enrollments in private schools, with 18,862 new private school enrollees — or about a 24% increase in private enrollment overall. By the Fall of 2021, there were 98,452 students enrolled in Tennessee private schools. Homeschooling gained 2,240 students to 13,600 — a 20% increase enrollment. Source: Tennessee Lookout

➤ Sudden death is routine in the jab era. Young people perish in the death notices without explanation. James “Jimbo” Leslie Aslinger, 54, of Sale Creek “passed away unexpectedly on February 17,” a notice in Chattanoogan.com says. He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth, a daughter. He worked many years as a paramedic with Hamilton County EMS before earning an associate’s degree from Chattanooga State in fire science. He was fire department captain at Y-12 National Complex and later as fire protection foreman at Sequoyah Nuclear Plant. He retired in 2020.

Taylor Morrison

Another is Taylor Morrison of Signal Mountain, who, “before her health declined, Taylor worked at both Erlanger Hospital and Alexian Village,” says her obit in Chattanoogan.com. She died Feb. 18. Families report no cause of death.

➤ The Hamilton County health department, in legal action, admitted fraud 871 days violation of the primary state health law at T.C.A. § 68-5-104. Dismissal of the cause against it gives nod to continuing distribution of dangerous drug products. “This updated booster remains the most effective tool to prevent severe illness. We encourage parents to talk with their child’s pediatrician about the vaccine and bivalent booster,” Dr. Stephen Miller, Hamilton County Health Department’s Health Officer, says since the case was filed, undeterred by lawful notice of official misconduct and fraud.

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