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Are judge’s ears pulled forward by her mask straps to better hear us demand writ?

Ears pulled forward by mask straps so he can hear better, Hamilton County mayor Jim Coppinger tours a public school in Chattanooga. (Photo Hamilton County government)
Pam Fleenor, chancery judge

Across the state, officials are seen with their ears pulled forward on account of their wearing chin diapers held to their noses and jaws by straps. 

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

Hamilton county mayor Jim Coppinger recently toured a school with the superintendent, exhibiting this phenomenon of the elected local official who looks ready to listen, ready to hear, ready to mind, ready to attend what is being said to him.

Maybe Mr. Coppinger, maybe Judge Pam Fleenor, are pressing their ears forward to hear the claims of state law and the constitution, which since March 12 have been abrogated.

The fate of state Tennessee today is in the hands of a chancellor in Hamilton County, charged with issuing a writ immediately. The necessity to issue a writ of mandamus is a charge upon Pamela Fleenor, in chancery court.

The writ is a non negotiable. 

It is not discretionary.

It is not something she can avoid.

Officials admit brazen violation of law

It has come to her by my hand in legal action. In this “petition in equity and for writ of mandamus,”  I am acting as the state itself, in the interest of the entire state and its 6.8 million people and government. I am called the “relator.” I am the party relating to the court our grievances against lawbreakers.

The lawbreakers in the unreported case State of Tennessee ex rel David Jonathan Tulis vs. Gov. Bill et al has two numbers. Chancery court issued one number. The supreme court the other. The justices on Monday, six days ago, accepted my filing of the petition. They denied it four days later.

The Supreme Court, in an unsigned order, is telling Judge Fleenor to rule in the case and issue an order.

The lawbreakers have admitted everything in their brazen violations of the health law at Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 68-5-104. I sued Oct. 2 once I confirmed by their admissions and confessions that they had ignored the law. 

They could not produce not a single sheet of paper, not a single yellow sticky note, in proof of compliance with their duty.

They are in breach of duty, have spat in God’s face in violation of their oaths before him. They have violated their fiduciary obligations to us, the people in Tennessee, even the people of Tennessee. Their corporation has been converted into a racketeering influenced corrupt organization, and they are in criminal violation, with injury to every single household in the state that has a claim upon them for honest government services.

Judge Fleenor, who is put into her post by public vote, has no choice but to issue the writ. There is no lawful authority by which to deny its issuance.

Officials have been in open contempt of our constitutional rights, have at every county and in every city abrogated the Constitution with not a shot fired from among the people in resistance, and not a single proper appeal except this one filed with the courts. 

‘Ultra vires’ acts, outside the scope of law

My claim is upon the first error the state made in the coronavirus scandal. That is that the governor and his health Commissioner, Lisa Piercey, ignored the first and main law pertaining to viruses, contagions, epidemics and the spread of disease.

Odd as it sounds, the Tennessee health law intended to protect public health has been ignored to the ruin of public health and the public will and spirit and to the state’s economy. Ignoring the law is a gross violation of ethics, a mass tort, a crime against humanity in the jurisdiction of state of Tennessee. 

In this case I represent state of Tennessee and the interest of 6.8 million people who are the victims of their government officials acting outside of the law, or ultra vires, and under pretense and color of law. In my court filings, I allege that the damage done against the people by Gov. Lee and his cronies down to local mayors is greater than that any in the state’s 81,900-day history.

At this writing, it is Sunday, the Lord’s day, a day of rest, worship, restoration and family. At the link above, I am asking that Christian people pray for Judge Fleenor and her court. I might have powerful things to say to her about justice, equity and law. What matters more, in the great scheme of things under God’s providence, is the Word, the work of the Holy Spirit, in accomplishing God’s will as against us, or as for us as a people.

We have been under a judgment of God 241 days by his providential decree under a revolution by state and government employees against us.

I pray we have learned from this chastening the lesson of humility before God, and of repentance. I ask that we pray for Judge Fleenor, in her upholding equity and justice, empowered today by my proper appeal. Pray that she end this disaster and wreck, and puts the people of Tennessee safely ashore.
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