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James demands Berke meeting over crooked cop Hughes

Michael James, a truck driver, is asking for a meeting with Mayor Andy Berke about crooked customs in the Chattanooga police department that allow officers to arrest citizens without probable cause or a warrant. (Photo David Tulis)

Michael James of Park Drive, Chattanooga, is not letting himself rest with the dismissal of a bogus criminal case against him brought there by Chattanooga police and the DA Neal Pinkston. He is demanding redress and an investigation of police procedures that are part of a pattern of lawless search and seizure at the hand of the department led by chief David Roddy. A police victim of zest and intelligence, Mr. James wants to benefit other people by the insights given him in a 140-plus-day ordeal in which he was falsely charged with assault — and actually booked and jailed without probable cause. He is demanding reform and a halt to surplus violence and criminality in the city’s executive branch. Here’s the letter he sent to Mayor Berke. — DJT

‘Perjured himself’ 3x

Dear Mayor Berke,                              

I’m writing you in regards to my “FALSE ARREST” and KIDNAPPING” of May 6, 2020, by Chattanooga Police Officer Lance Hughes # 826, with him “KNOWINGLY and INTENTIONALLY” filing a ‘PERJURED FALSIFIED”Affidavit of Complaint” with a Clerk of the Court, intentionally AVOIDING the Magistrate because he could NOT justify himself in arresting me. 

Mayor Andy Berke, an attorney, refuses to respect the rights of the people and to declare Chattanooga a sanctuary city from Jim Crow abuse of Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 55 and 65, chapter 15. (Photo mayor’s office)

I believe, this Officer should be “EXAMINED and FIRED” for the 120-day Ordeal which he put me through.  He had, “NO AUTHORITY” to put even a hand on me, until he had a “SWORN and SIGNED STATEMENT” by my alleged accuser, a QUESTIONABLE 14 year old girl in a “STOLEN CAR” with “NO VALID DRIVER LICENSE or CAR INSURANCE”.

Mayor Berke, this officer “Perjured Himself” at least 3 times in his “False Affidavit of Complaint” with “LIES and DECEPTION, WHILE UNDER THE COLOR OF LAW”.  Trying to biasedly incriminate me with 2 Felony Aggravated Assault Charges, which I can DEMONSTRATE and SHOW.

The Honorable Judge Gerald Webb, summarily dismissed these “False Charges”, but not until the fourth hearing after I drafted a “Motion to Dismiss” and a “Brief in Support”, showing the VIOLATION of my “Due Process Rights and Constitutional and Civil Rights, by your officers. The officers and County Chief Magistrate Lorrie Miller agreed to “PRETEND” there was probable cause to arrest me, when there WASN’T.  My Brief, enclosed, explains that with “NO SWORN or SIGNED STATEMENT”, there is NO CASE. Officer Hughes’ “Affidavit of Complaint” is HEARSAY, as he was not a WITNESS.

‘System of prearranged crimes against citizens’

That he, KNOWINGLY and INTENTIONALLY FALSELY arrested me, by apparent ILLEGALCustoms and Usages”, appears to be a System of Prearranged Crimes against the Citizens of this great State and Residents of this city. 

The EVIDENCE for my Claim is OVERWHELMING in my Notarized Affidavit, Motion to Dismiss and my “Brief in Support of Motion to Dismiss.”   Once I obtain, the Officer’s Patrol Car Dashcam Videos and Body Camera Videos of the five officers involved, in what the Press has called the “911 Call from Hell” story. 

I request, a meeting with you IMMEDIATELY and upon my showing you the EVIDENCE of my Due Process Rights, Constitutional and Civil Rights being Violated by Officers Lance Hughes # 826 and Officer Amanda Baldwin # 374 whom she ILLEGALLY went into my Locked Trunk of my car, WITHOUT an AUTHORIZED JUDICIAL SEARCH WARRANT or my CONSENT.  She was one of the 1st C.P.D. employee on the scene of my FALSE ARREST, WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE.           

Thank You, for your Time and Consideration in this important matter, etc.  

This man fights back — & wins

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