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Artist sculpts defense in public interest in Virginia reckless driving appeal

A—— T—- of Soddy-Daisy, Tenn., lives as artist in Vianen, the Netherlands. She returned to the U.S. once for a criminal trial of reckless driving in Virginia, in Smyth County, and is challenging the constitutionality and justness of the Virginia uniform summons in a second trial set today in Marion.

A—— T—- has a new trial today at 1:30 in the district court of Smyth County, Va., before judge Fredrick Rowlett.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

She informed his clerk Friday by phone that she is out of the country and is handling her case on paper purely as a matter of law, there being no need for her presence as she stands on her pleadings of lack of subject matter jurisdiction.

The new trial follows her conviction of reckless driving Feb. 27 in a district court at the hand of Judge Travis Lee, who abused her due process rights and imposed ethical breaches against her. She appealed as a matter of right, and submitted a “motion for dismissal with prejudice as a matter of law; in the alternative, to dismiss as a matter of equity and justice and memorandum in support,” to the court June 19, as well as a transcript of her trial and other documents in evidence.

The commonwealth’s attorney has filed no response on her sharp and well-researched attack on the police state status quo in Virginia.

She had been charged with reckless driving and Judge Lee found her guilty of “a lesser charge” of improper driving, and fined her F$500. Her trial today is to have been on the new charge.

Fighting on behalf of others

In a second motion sent last week to Smyth County, with its court in the bucolic town of Marion, Miss T—- says she is “sui juris, and avers and restates her demand that this honorable court review her appeal by praecipe *** purely as a matter of law and ministerially, as accused/appellant is in a remote part of the world,” and stands on her detailed analysis of the unjust Virginia judicial racket, starting with illicit traffic arrests and use of the Virginia uniform summons.

“The district court had no subject matter jurisdiction because of the insufficiency of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s process and charging instrument,” she tells the judge. She “challenges the constitutionality of the Virginia uniform summons and its application to her and demands this court overturn it as unlawful and violative of  due process rights.”

Miss T—- also demands a written opinion on her pleadings “to preserve the public interest aspect of this case.

Thousands of other defendants face trial based on an unconstitutional and legally insufficient pleading form used by the state. She reserves the right to appeal a ruling that does not account for her rights as belligerent claimant in person and the rights of others among the general public.”

Fight for Virginia traffic law victims

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