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Madness snapshot: TVA closes parks, restrooms, lines up porta-potties

This scene at a Chattanooga park overseen by TVA rouses the ire of Joan Farrell, a retiree running for the state house of representatives and for the seat held by Robin Smith, a Republican. (Photo Joan Farrell)
Joan Farrell, with flag and dog, sits with a protest sign at the north end of Chickamauga dam in Chattanooga early in the CV-19 lockdown. She is a member of the Church of Christian Science, but was thrown out of that assembly for criticizing churches for halting worship in the state-caused panic and economic depression. (Photo Andy Sarjahani)

I do not often go to the TVA waterside beach and park located at the Chickamauga Dam. 

By Joan Farrell

But the dogs and I were there today and I was shocked to see all the yellow tape, even on the picnic shelters.  The tape looked new too.  What was unbelievably shocking  was that REAL RESTROOMS made of concrete with running water, flush toilets and soap were CLOSED and in their stead PORTA POTTIES.  The reason — COVID.

TVA locks up a function restroom and provides instead portapotties, with no flush and no running water and soap for the washing of hands. (Photos Joan Farrell)
Because Gov. Bill Lee has ignored black-letter law at Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 68, the state has suffered a demolition of rights and reason, shared here by TVA, which forbids use of picnic tables under an alleged health threat.

After my call to you on the show I decided to return to the TVA park with a camera.   I took 19 pictures on a Nikon camera and labeled them.  I was happy to pay CVS $8.10 to provide this proof of TVA  madness.  Not only is it an egregious overreach of their authority to have closed the restrooms in the name of COVID, it is sheer madness to then force the public to use a portable outhouse. 

This bizarre situation is the very definition of the word dystopian — an imagined world or society in which people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives (per Merriam Webster online dictionary).

Thank you, David Tulis, so much for fighting every day to wake up your radio listeners to the very real and very serious control enveloping us.  And thank you for your egalitarian approach, rooted in a genuine Christian belief, that drives your efforts.  What you (and other increasingly rare idealists) are up against is that too few in leadership positions anywhere actually want justice or fairness.  

Saint Germain (I’m a student of the Saint Germain “I AM” teachings) bemoaned the fact that many young people are idealistic but somehow lose — or give up — their idealism as they age.  For a world transformed, we must keep our noble ideals to the very last.  

Farrell upset at no candidate forum

I learned this morning from League of Women Voters President Lisa Bilbrey Hyder that my opponent for the Tennessee district 26, Republican incumbent Robin Smith, had declined the virtual debate invitation for Oct. 6. 

My campaign manager and members of Team Joan expressed disappointment, knowing the considerable time and effort put forth by the hosting organizations — the League of Women Voters of Chattanooga; the Daughters of the American Revolution, Chief John Ross Chapter; the Chattanooga Times Free Press and WRCB Channel 3. 

Even more important, the voters of Tennessee House District 26 were deprived of the chance to hear the positions and values of both sides to more easily make a reasoned and informed choice. 

Democracy thrives with spirited public debate of the issues.  

State Rep. Robin Smith, right, reveals her commitment to the CV-19 panic and overthrow of state government. And there won’t be any debate about it, either. She is joined by state Rep. Esther Helton, Marty Haynes and state Sen. Todd Gardenhire in agreement, as all wear their tickets to the CV-19 public health theater on their chins. (Photo Facebook)
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