Let’s ask to have ‘right of address’ restored

John Gentry, author of the state’s first remonstrance in the past 150 years, attends the bill of rights dinner in Dayton, Tenn. (Photo David Tulis)

You have an opportunity to embrace the constitution and the right of the people to reform their government by address or remonstrance, pursuant to Tennessee Constitution, Article I, § 1 and § 23.

By John Gentry / Remonstrance activist

Below is a link to a YouTube video, also published on my candidate Facebook social media page, asking citizens to join me in petition by address, demanding reform through re-institution of the right of petition by address or remonstrance, and asserting our Article I, § 1 right to reform the government. 

I hope you will take time to watch the video.  Perhaps, some of the Honorable members of House and Senate would also like to put their name to this petition by address?  Instructions are provided in the video at 11 minutes into the video.

Here is a link to the video: https://youtu.be/8cKkyezsS6c

When I have sufficient numbers of signatures, I will approach Rep. Johnny Garrett, my district representative, and assert the rights of the people to reform, and to petition by address.  The address to the full body of the House will be made by Rep. Garrett, on behalf of myself and a large number of Tennesseans.  This should be a great honor, as well as duty for Rep. Garrett to perform, and should be embraced by himself and the body.

If you would be so kind as to suggest what a sufficient number of signatures would be, I would be appreciative.  According to the House Journals prior to 1850, petitions were received with a single signature of the petitioner, while other petitions, state; “a large number of citizens.”  Some of the old petitions that I have reviewed in the Tennessee Archives have only a single page of signatures.  I feel confident, that I will receive thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of signatures as some have already started populating my email inbox, immediately after posting this video.

If any of you members would also like to participate in the restoration of our republic, and a proper form of government, here is a link to the Co-Petitioner signature page; Signature Page.

Before sending me your signed signature page, you should review the Memorial & Remonstrance by address.

Regaining right of remonstrance

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