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Grim-lipped justices deny 3rd claim of Fleenor abuse, seal record

People chat outside Hamilton County chancery court, wherein a judge is getting cover from the Tennessee supreme court in denying a writ of mandamus to end a lawless state of emergency. The justices are unanimously — and without giving reason — supporting Pamela Fleeor’s favor of Gov. Bill Lee in his violation of the health law in the CV-19 state of disaster, which has closed the courts, turned government against the people and wrecked the economy. (Photo David Tulis)
“Per curiam” means the judges all agree, but don’t sign their names. With no dissent, the judges are accepting of fraud by government employees under color of emergency, but with no legal justification or warrant for their unprecedented use of police power promiscuously applied against members of the public.

Justices challenged to restore the rule of law in Tennessee rejected a third petition to hold accountable a Hamilton County judge who has for nearly 200 days supported the CV-19 state of disaster with prejudice and favour of persons, in clear violation of her duty to uphold law. 

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

In Hamilton County, chancery court judge Pamela Fleenor has abused the state of Tennessee on relation in a lawsuit I filed Oct. 2, 2020, against Gov. Bill Lee and health department administrator Becky Barnes. 

Pamela Fleenor is a chancery judge who rejects the principles of equity and refuses to stop continuing irreparable harm upon the people of Tennessee.

These people are violating Tennessee Code Ann. § 68-5-104, the quarantine and isolation law, and have thrown into the court a barrage of frivolous and other worldly dissimulation dressed up as legal arguments. 

Judge Fleenor is refusing the state remedy in the private and personal acts of respondents Barnes and Lee, who hilariously claim not to be bound by the law.

In my administrative claims against the judge, I argued to chief justice Jeff Bivins and his colleagues that she is rogue and is cooperating with parties in fraud. I have also put chancery and the lawyers representing the lawbreakers on notice in mid-March that they are intentionally and knowingly violating the criminal law banning official misconduct.

In the supreme court, the form of my analysis is a “recall of mandate.” The court’s mandate seals the administrative process I launched Nov. 2, 2020, in a visit to the court in Nashville and a filing of grievance against Judge Fleenor.

I argue that the mandate closing the case be recalled 

for the good cause that the “COVID-19 pandemic” response by the head of the executive branch is a manifest injustice that has ensnared the court with its own non-independent breach, with the status quo ante of a republican form of government made remote. The court failed sue sponte to demand if respondent Lee was obeying 68-5-104, but it didn’t. That was either deliberate, or naive and innocent. Whatever the reason, it is not justice or lawful and this court is duty-bound to not be led by unwarranted trust in a co-equal branch of government. Was the court misled by an unwarranted trust? However it was led, and however petitioner dissects the existing order looking for some good in it, the judicial department branch has become subject to the executive branch and is co-conspirator in impeachable wrongs.

The petition to recall the mandate lays out the larger picture in Tennessee, that of the judiciary conspiring with the executive branch to overthrow lawful government and to accept a unitary administrative state with monarchial absolutist power.

Jeff Bivins, chief justice

Recalling the mandate, I argue, allows the court 

to halt an overthrow of law and equity built up in the jurisprudence of the state since founded June 1, 1796, and before. To make maladministration of cases such as state ex rel Tulis the norm is a violation of official oath, an abrogation of his rights and those of the people to remedy, a severing of the people’s constitutional protections and a nod toward unitary and consolidated government no longer intending to abide by the organic establishment or the bill of rights and or to protect the innocent from exposure to unbridled power and the rule by man — a power not given to this court by the people. It does not take a learned jurist to identify these egregious wrongs

If the justices seal the mandate and continue to ignore the grievance against Judge Fleenor, they are telling the people of Tennessee 

that they shall accept government by fiat or through fraudulent emergency – that the current administration of justice creates a coercive system of unbridled state power universally applied without remedy contrary to the constitution of Tennessee. 

The continuing fraud causing irreparable harm under color of any manner of authority is proof, beyond the reach of rule however treated by this court. The non-individuated and unlawful uses of police power upon people, through which they have been harmed, who have no duty whatsoever to obey commands and directives from the governor nor his agents in the counties requires remedy for breach. Such people today, perfectly healthy, are subject to threats, harassment, punishment, demands and directives under color of authority in a fraudulent health emergency arising from violation of Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 68-5-104. Sealing the mandate dries the mortar around the denial of remedy and of due process rights hammered into statecraft since March 12, 2020, the date of  Gov. Lee’s first fraudulent executive order and subsequent fraudulent local directives. 

If the mandate is not recalled, a “new normal” of customs and usages will make void the people’s common law relief through equity jurisdiction such as mandamus. 

Only by this extraordinary we-have-really-no-other-option evasion of duty and obligation can they purport to compel obedience to errant officials and the bonds of law upon state actors. 

The mandate must be recalled because otherwise the court approves of the Covid-19 fraud and statewide irreparable harm, the existence and fact of which the supreme court unsubstantiatedly believes is “not well-taken,” allowing it to continue without remedy.

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