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Gov. Kemp urged halt mass killings during outbreak

Women protest the killing of the unborn in front of an unlicensed clinic in Maryland, (Photo

NORCROSS, Ga., March 26, 2020—Georgia Right to Life and other organizations today announced the launch of an on-line petition campaign calling on Gov. Brian Kemp and Attorney General Christopher Carr to protect women and those affected with COVID-19 by ordering all the state’s abortion facilities to close immediately.

GRTL President Ricardo Davis criticized abortionists for shamefully ignoring the governor’s request that all non-essential medical procedures be halted. At the same time, Davis noted other ambulatory surgical centers are putting public safety first and complying with the request.

“GRTL has documented evidence that abortionists remain open as if nothing is wrong,” Davis said. “They’re potentially exposing women to the virus, as well as consuming precious medical resources needed to treat victims of the disease.”

Davis added: “By continuing business as usual, these centers lay bare the brutal reality that their sole motivation is profits, not women’s—or anyone else’s—health.”

GRTL representatives reached out to Governor Kemp, but did not hear back.

“We need all the supplies we can get to save lives, not take them,” Dr. Paul Payne said.

Lovers of life beg Gov. Kemp to end mass killings in Georgia. With Abigail Cochran of Georgia Right to Life.

Posted by NoogaRadio 92.7 FM on Friday, March 27, 2020
Abigail Cochran reports on petition to urge Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp to halt the slaying of the unborn — at least temporarily.

Other concerns include:

 Women may not be able to return for their post-surgical follow up appointments.
 Are women being properly screened for underlying conditions that increase the risk of
contracting or spreading COVID-19 to others?
 Are social distancing and crowd limitations being practiced by abortion providers?

In addition, abortion procedures frequently cause serious side effects, such as infection and hemorrhaging, creating an additional burden on the medical community, the petition states.

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