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Arrest video hits 422,000 views, DA drops case, property tax challenged as mercy, fighting ministry makes gains

I am in court to protect travelers from attack from three sources, all connected with regulation of motor vehicles. The TFRL abuse refers to the TN financial responsibility law of 1977, aka mandatory ihsurance, the illegal operation of which I am suing to abate.

This is a near-perfect copy of a land patent showing private ownership of land to the initial assignee, and all later assigns (owners). I plan to challenge the Hamilton County property tax  as a business tax misapplied to private holders of soil and improvements, many of them under long-forgotten patent. (Photo Christopher Sapp)

This documentary shows a conspiracy by the TN supreme court former chief justice, Roger Page, and others to have me arrested covering a public meeting. (Photo Billy Blume, Shields of Shame)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Saturday, March 2, 2024 — District Attorney Coty Wamp informs me though a staffer she is not going to prosecute 2 criminal charges — damaged taillight, refusal to show a driver license. Judge Christie Sell in general sessions court in Hamilton County, Tenn., sends the counts to the grand jury on my demand. But Wamp rejects the misdemeanors before the files are received by foreman Jimmy Anderson.

She rejects the charges  after I submitted my legally VOIDING THE CASE with a pre-plea remedy and avoidance, a stick of legal dynamite that says all traffic cases are administrative in nature as they pertain to licenses, and that all such cases must be heard administratively in agency as criminal proceedings are premature. It’s not known if this filing was insurmountable, or whether other considerations played a part in dismissal.

I plan to bring deputy Brandon Bennett and Sheriff Austin Garrett to a reckoning of their kidnapping me on private business Nov. 22, 2023, the day before Thanksgiving, and jailing me — all without a warrant. My suit will include a demand for injunctive relief to end a longstanding custom called general warrants, plainly outlawed in American law. The warrant requirement, if operating, will cut arrests 30% to 60% in TN.

➤ It’s a sensation on YouTube — my false arrest Nov. 6, 2021, in Franklin covering the secret judicial conference, has more than 422,000 views in 30 days.

I am busy fighting for mercy, on the air and elsewhere in court:

 My suit against the TN department of revenue intends to prevent half a million illicit criminal convictions and hundreds of thousands of criminal charges in TN in the next five years by junking a rogue program. In a hearing Friday, hearing officer Brad Buchanan denies my motion to sanction attorney Camille Cline for lying out the constitution and the nature and form of the statutes enforced by DOR. I am framing a deposition of a fact witness. The case is almost entirely a matter of law, but I exercise the right for fact investigation. The department runs a fraud completely outside of the TN financial responsibility act of 1977 serving the insurance cartel with at least F$1 billion in free premiums from TN car owners a year.

➤ I am planning to appeal a defeat in TN court of appeals in the Flexibility Capital case where the judges say they cannot get to the merits of my case because I filed notice of appeal untimely. I have a hearing in circuit March 18 as the loan shark attempts to execute judgment against me, harassingly demanding 13-years of tax returns and spending records. Getting into the supreme court is by permission only, so I have to study carefully before asking. The petition is due Tuesday, and I am cramming this weekend.

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➤ Trailing smoke and flame from 3 of 4 engines, my appeal to the 6th circuit awaits a ruling. It’s a suit against city of Franklin, a city cop and the former chief justice of the TN supreme court, Roger Page for false imprisonment and false arrest. Procedure is tricky, but I have fundamentally a powerful case. The court rejects a supplemental filing over bizarre federal rules using state statutes of limitations, saying I am allowed “a” brief, not two. Two injunctions are pending if chief appeals judge Jeff Sutton and his colleagues send the case back to district court in Nashville, overseen by Waverly Crenshaw, the chief judge in the middle TN district.

➤ Are property taxes on private homes lawful? In a meeting Thursday I meet with property assessor Marty Haynes and challenge him to show how my house, and that of my late mother, are liable for the property tax, due Feb. 29. If I have a right to have a shelter for myself, my wife, family and property, it cannot be taxed on at least two grounds. One ground is the claim I intend to suggest of an underlying soil and land patent.The other is under the principle that no right can be taxed in any way. ” A state may not impose a charge for the enjoyment of a right granted by the Federal Constitution.” Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 U.S. 105 (1943)

➤ I have been looking for parttime work afternoons. The lack of support for my press platform and its diaconal ministry of analysis and exhortation shows we are under a spiritual judgment that includes blindness and fear. All work in law offices is full time, and I don’t think I can manage a full-time job while doing my show and fighting in court for all of us. Contact me if you can help.

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