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I am on the air on two commercial radio stations, 92.7 FM and 95.3 FM HD4, every day at 1 o’clock, defending godly government and a free market. I have launched a GoFundMe page to gain direct connection with the reader and listener — folks just like you.

I have been on the air for six years in Chattanooga, defending godly concepts such as marriage, free markets, God’s law, the rights of the people, property, the certainty of law, equity as a principle, the claims of the Good News of Jesus Christ upon not just the individual, but upon society as awhole. Its courts, its economy, its medium of exchange, its legislatures — all are subject to God.

By David Tulis

This analysis is breathtakingly fresh, unapologetically Christian, and hugely positive and can do. As part of racial reconciliation, my show is helping black people and seeking to defy false claims by cops against them. As part of securing liberties under the constitution, I have undertaken extensive legal research to defend the rights of the people. I helped bring fluoride-free drinking water to north Hamilton County. I helped Carol Gaddy defy an unconstitutional search of her house. I helped Hanson Melvin press his claims against a bad cop, to get the officer fired and get Hanson in a position to win a financial settlement from the city.

By way of radio I press officials to reform — or at least talk about reform. So vigorous is my analysis that officials love me and hate me at the same time. “Whatever he tells you, don’t believe him,” Mayor Andy Berke of Chattanooga said, “he’s not a member of the media.”

As a member of the Tennessee free press, I have consistently defended a godly social order from a biblical perspective and done so on a commercial radio station — the city’s CBS Radio News and Sean Hannity affiliate.

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