State keeps old bones of inmate Harmer chilled

This slave camp is where state government houses felons from the courts. (Photo

My correspondent Grenda Ray Harmer continues to be chilled in the last cell in unit 1 at Morgan County Correctional Complex and it appears that he is the object of retaliation for dealing with me, the “blogger with the biggest pen” in Chattanooga, that being the 250-foot radio tower from which our CBS affiliate signal is broadcast.

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I’m concerned for his personal safety and his health, given that he is 60+ years old, suffers vertigo while being denied his medication, and does not have enough clothes to keep warm as your department poured cold air into his cell.

Quoting from his letters, please let me document the progress of this abuse against his old bones and thinned flesh.

Harmer tells of freezing conditions in cell

December 5. At least for now, my cell is extremely cold these people know what they are doing. They are determined to break me. They are slowly realizing they cannot break me. The only two options they have are correct the wrongs or kill me. There is no in between for me.

Nov. 20, on yellow inmate inquiry information request form pertaining to unit 1 bed number 13. Regarding room room temperature TTOC policy 11208 6 F States, in pertinent part, we’re to be provided buildings / housing units that “provide Comfort under normal temperature conditions.” It’s 41 degrees outside and cold air is being pumped into unit No. 1. I have brought it to unit manager Gibson’s attention about how cold it is, his response was, “put on a coat.” I’m not going to tolerate this type of treatment. We have to put on a lot of clothing to keep warm. It’s not supposed to be like this. Both of my editors will get a copy of this abuse. Freezing us is not a part of my punishment. Make it comfortable.  These cells are like freezers. Where the staff is is warm. But the sales are cold.

Grenda Ray Harmer, prisoner

Dec. 9. They are intentionally blowing cold air into my cell. It’s 27 degrees out and cold air is being pumped into my cell. Unit manager Gibson told me, “Wear your coat.” When I complained to him on Dec. 8, I talked with maintenance and they turned the heat on everywhere except unit No. 1 And they put me in that last cell with a draft coming from under the exit door. Prison officials done this to try to slow me down writing letters of complaint.

Currently, I’m wearing pants, thermal bottoms, [indecipherable] tops, three t-shirts, a sweater, and three pairs of gloves and two pairs of socks to keep warm and I still have to stay in bed under my covers to get warm. That’s best, it’s 5 degrees above zero. Personally it feels like 10 degrees below zero. I’m wearing my gloves while writing this letter while periodically blowing my breath into them. It’s that cold.

My lawsuit is about 40% done. I should have it filed by Feb. 1. Because it’s so cold, I can only work on it for so long. I’m going to cut this short and get back under the covers. Take care, God bless you and yours, and have a Merry Christmas.

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