City cops charge black with walking on street

D.B. Walker posts two videos showing a bit of hostile intervention by Mayor Andy Berke’s police department, whose officers are under orders of chief David Roddy. (Photo D.B. Walker on FB)

An officer is involved in a bit of cool harassment of blacks who wisely make FB Live video posts of their encounter. If every poor person or minority makes a video of a police encounter, there will be much more respect among cop ranks for the rights of the people and fewer actions in the direction of bills of attainder (outlawry of a person or group by decree or presumption). (Photo D.B. Walker on FB)

Two smartphone videos released over the weekend reveal a police encounter that residents say is typical of their interactions with officers serving Mayor Andy Berke and his chief, David Roddy. The officers arrest and cite one man, Katt Timmons, an African-American, under an ordinance that forbids one from walking on a street if the sidewalk is free and clear.

By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio

Mr. Timmons is subject to a Terry Patdown, pretendedly performed for officer safety.

Mr. Walker has two videos, one 1½ minutes, the other just over 2 minutes. A video by Katt Timmons is viewable on FB at 10 minutes as of today.

Posted by D.B. Walker on Friday, March 29, 2019

Posted by D.B. Walker on Friday, March 29, 2019

Below is a transcript of one video. In the other the officer taunts Mr. Timmons for having pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. This line of statements makes quietly the argument that no one should plead guilty, but demand a jury trial to press the DA to decide truly what is important in the maintenance of public peace. Hanson Melvin is among the few people who demanded his rights to an indictment.

Walker. That’s why our city murders are unsolved, right here, man.

Cops stand around him. He is holding camera high overhead for overhead view.

Cop. I don’t appreciate it.

Walker. This is why our city murders are unsolved right here, man. These folks ain;t got nothing better to do than man. These folks and got nothing better to do, man.  Woah. Woah. Woah. Woah — ya’ll see him grabbing me? What did I do wrong, bro? Wouldn’t I do wrong, bro? I don’t have to talk to you, do I? Am I being detained?

Cop. You are bothering me.

Walker. How? Am I being detained? You stopped me. I’m walking down the street talking loud. I ain’t said nothing to you.

Cop. — “Business end of something.” You ain’t going to put me off. You ain’t gonna put me off.

People are talking over each other.

Cop. What you just said.

Walker. “What’s poppin.” What did I say? I said, “What’s poppin?”

Cop. I said nothing to you and you said I’m going to give you “the business end” of something.

Walker. Am I being detained? I ain’t said that. C’mon, man. Come on man.

Walker proceeds down sidewalk with 4 officers trailing after him.

Walker. That’s a reason our city murders are unsolved. Right here, man. This the reason, bro. This the reason our city murders are unsolved, man. These folks harass us all the time, bro. They do this all the time for no reason. Come on, man. Come on, man. They started following us, though they told us we could leave, though. Told us we could leave, but they are following us. That’s harassment, man. That’s harassment man. That’s harassment, man. That’s harassment, man.

Mr, Walker and others step off the sidewalk and onto the grass.

Walker. We step aside and let these folks go, man; let me step to the side and get out of these folks way, man. We are in these folks’  way, or something, man.

Video shows officers passing by And a police cruiser pulling away.

[Indecipherable comment about the cops] Walker. What they are all right. ***** [ Exultantly] “I fear for my life. I fear for my life. I fear for my life. I fear for my life.” These police folks are out here trying to kill us. These police folks are trying to kill us. Fuck you talking about. *** All the time, bro. “I fear for my life,” man. These folks do this every day. I really fear for my life. Come on, bro.

D.B. Walker, angry at harassment by Chattanooga city police out in force to keep blacks off the street. (Photo D.B. Waker on FB)
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