Horizontal smokestack emissions visible to naked eye, invisible in health effects

GeoengineeringWatch.orgGlobal geoengineering / solar radiation management programs are an existential threat to the human race and the entire web of life. This film footage proves beyond doubt that the global weather warfare assault is real and ongoing.

Posted by Dane Wigington on Friday, March 10, 2017

Sky stripes are not condensation trails, but hydraulic emissions of recycled utility industry waste — namely coal fly ash, a talcum powder fine gray ash that can hang suspended above cities such as Chattanooga and nearby farmlands for days, deflecting sunlight, trapping radiant heat, clogging wind flow and drying up rainfall — and drifting down in an indiscernible toxic plasma into the lungs and eyes of innocent populations at Cooledge Park and the East Ridge sporting complex. Sky stripes are effectively smokestacks, but because they emit horizontally, and with no circular muzzle gaping open at the end of a fixed vertical industrial tube, are difficult to “see.” Consider this video an entry-level new-owner course in “proper use of visual organ.” (Courtesy Dane Wigington)

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