Uncle’s history of ‘false flag ops,’ violence depletes capital of goodwill

Excited police officers oust citizens from their Watertown, Mass, residences, seize them, search them and finally allow the residents to return, grateful the property is secure. These searches were without sworn affidavits or warrant, and some residents may receive future police visits as reports are filed. (Photo Infowars.com)

Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official, save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country. In either event, it is unpatriotic not to tell the truth, whether about the president or any one else. –

— Theodore Roosevelt

Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. –

– Samuel Johnson

Lately I read an article by the redoubtable Paul Craig Roberts, ““American Naïfs Bringing Ruin to Other Lands.”” Mr. Roberts argues that Americans’’ willingness uncritically to believe their government and media is destroying other countries. For example, evidence shows the U.S. military is readying itself to attack Iran, so the ““next step will be a staged ‘“terrorist attack,” “a false flag”’ operation as per Operation Northwoods,‡ for which Iran will be blamed. As Iran and its leadership have already been demonized, the ‘“false flag”’ attack will sufce to obtain U.S. and European public support for bombing Iran. The bombing will include more than the nuclear facilities and will continue until the Iranians agree to regime change and the installation of a puppet government. The corrupt American media will present the new puppet as ‘”freedom and democracy’.”

These false flag operations are effective because ““people are far less willing to examine information that disputes, rather than conrms, their beliefs.”” As long as ““the government [has] its story ready and [has] a reliable and compliant media, the false flag or black ops will succeed.”” The mass of people not only want to believe their government, and want to believe their government would never commit such monstrous frauds, and in fact search for official stories to believe.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, ““Moneychanger, you’’ve finally gone off the deep end now.”” Well, here are just a few false flag events, some conclusively proven, some still open questions, by the U.S. & other governments, courtesy of a history professor friend:

•➤ 1846. President Polk engineered an unnecessary clash with Mexican soldiers to precipitate war with Mexico.

1861. The Attack on Fort Sumter. Lincoln while the Northern press was nonetheless playing up the beleaguered, starving provoked the Confederacy into ring the first shots. The Sumter garrison was not being molested, and were being allowed to receive mail and purchase supplies in Charleston while the Northern press was nonetheless playing up the beleaguered, starving men in Sumter. Lincoln’’s Cabinet and General Scott argued against holding on to Sumter. Confederate commissioners were sent to Washington to negotiate: the Confederacy would pay for the federal property, assume its share of the national debt, and settle any other issues in good faith. These commissioners were not received officially.

Seward, with or without Lincoln’’s knowledge, communicated with them through intermediaries. They were assured that there would be no attempt to reinforce Sumter. So far as the Lincoln’’s Cabinet and the War Department and Army command understood, this was the official policy. Then of course, Lincoln sent the secret expedition of The Star of the West. Though there was a federal fleet just offshore during the bombardment of Sumter, not the least effort was made to supply, relieve, or defend the garrison. It is also worth noting that there were no casualties in the Confederate attack and that the garrison were not made prisoner but were allowed to depart in honor. Of course, long before the bombardment of Sumter, Republican newspapers were demanding that Lincoln attack and seize the Southern ports and collect the tariff.

1865.    Coverup of the Lincoln assassination. The alleged conspirators were shot & killed (Booth), or rounded up and tried by an exceedingly speedy court martial and hanged. No more untidy witnesses to contradict the official story. This speedy coverup, usually complete with bulldozing, forms the government cover-up pattern.

1898. Sabotage and sinking of the U.S.S. Maine battleship in Havana harbour precipitates war with Spain, which the U.S. needed like a hog needs a side-saddle.

1913 –– to date. U.S. government collects income tax from individuals and even jails those who don’’t pay although no statute exists that makes any individual other than a ““foreign withholding agent”” liable to pay the tax. Requests to IRS or U.S. Treasury to point out what statute makes anyone liable to pay the tax are stonewalled or answered with off-point, obfuscating epistles.

1941. Attack on Pearl Harbor secures U.S. entry into World War II. See The Final Secret of Pearl Harbour by Admiral Theobald. Roosevelt wanted to get into the war. He knew the Japanese were planning an attack because as early as November 1941 the U.S. had broken the Japanese code and he was reading all their secret dispatches. Orders were given to secure Pearl Harbor against sabotage rather than air or sea attack, which maximized damage from air attack. Also, the Pacific Fleet was all concentrated in Pearl Harbor for the first and only time.

➤ 1963. Kennedy assassination. Alleged assassin arrested in two days, then shot and killed in jail by assailant suffering from terminal cancer. Warren Commission declares it was the work of a ““lone assassin”” and seals its records for 50 years. ““Lone assassins”” also attack George Wallace and Robert Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Coincidentally, all begin keeping diaries shortly before their assassination attempts, in which they write repeatedly, ““I am a lone assassin, and I think I will kill X.””

1•964. The Gulf of Tonkin incident used by Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara to justify the Vietnam War. My friend tells me he ““was once privileged to be part of a group having dinner with Admiral Stockdale who stated straight out that the Tonkin incident was false.””

➤ 1983.  Tax protestor Gordon Kahl is cornered in a house & Sheriff Gene Matthews goes in to talk him out. Shooting erupts, whether from inside or outside no one can say. Federal agents pour gasoline down the chimney, building burns down, remains are incinerated, and site shortly bulldozed. Kahl and Sheriff Matthews are both beyond testifying.

1993. In Waco, Texas the Branch Davidian sect of David Koresh is attacked by ATF and FBI agents, two days after ATF agents were enjoying Koresh’’s company at a nearby shooting range. To save the children, the entire complex was burned, then speedily bulldozed.

➤ 1995.  The Murrah Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City is bombed, and blamed on Timothy McVeigh and a fertilizer bomb parted outside the city. Site almost immediately bulldozed, except that a number of experts say it was impossible for McVeigh’’s bomb to have produced such damage. More likely it was a cover for explosives planted inside, but these claims were never investigated or addressed by the government.

➤ 2001. September 11 attacks. Planes flown into World Trade Towers and Pentagon. Site of World Trade Towers shortly bulldozed. U.S. government blames attack on Al Qaeda. Clearly the official explanation won’’t wash. Jet fuel that burns at 1,800 degrees won’’t melt steel girders that melt at 2,800 degrees, among the numerous curiosities.

2003. War on Iraq because U.S. government claimed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, later shown to be wholly false. War continues nonetheless today.

•➤ 2009. Stories emerge that Barak Obama is constitutionally ineligible for the U.S. presidency because he was born in Kenya and not the United States. Media universally ridicules this claim, courts slide around the issue, while one lawsuit creeps through the courts. The press shouts down anyone who dares venture the question as a ““racist”” or ““anti-government extremist.””

That’s not all

These are just a few, and by no means all, of the incidents involving the U.S. government. Other governments do the same. The World War I German government sent Russian communists in a sealed train across Germany to overthrow the Tsar. In Russia the Tsarist secret police, the Okhrana, set off bombs to justify arresting their targets.

In the early 1920s when Lenin wanted to draw out the anti-communist opposition he told his secret police chief Felix Dzerzhinsky to create an operation called ““The Corporation”” which would claim to be an anti-communist underground while in fact staffed by secret police taking names for future extermination. When Dzerzhinsky asked Lenin what in the world he would tell these people to make them believe him, Lenin said, ““Tell them what they want to hear.”” In Germany in 1933 a fire breaks out in the Reichstag and is blamed on a half-witted Dutch communist. Hitler uses this even to convince President Hindenburg to pass an emergency decree enabling him to arrest Communists Reichstag delegates, giving the Nazis a majority and undisputed power.

The rationality of skepticism

Now I am not claiming that all of these events were false flag operations, only that some undoubtedly were. The problem is not that the charge is true, but that it is believable. Government credibility has fallen to the point where there is only one test of whether government officials and the media are lying: Are their lips moving? Any charge is credible, because no government response or investigation is credible. A rational person has not enough information and too much doubt to know what to believe.

Now if you believe that Barak Obama really is in charge of the United States, or that any president since Grover Cleveland has been, stop reading now. You don’’t know enough to follow my argument.

Believable? Is it believable that after a life spent doing nothing much but going to school and a meager 2-1/2 years in the U.S. senate Obama is fit to become president? Is that more believable than that he was born in Kenya? Why can these suspicions never be put to rest? Because no credible answer is ever made, except the bulldozer. The media bulldozes with intimidation, or the real yellow Caterpillars are pulled out to bury the evidence. The unbiased observe has to ask, If there’’s nothing wrong, why resist an open and honest investigation? The only conclusion is that they are hiding something.

Extending black ops to national economy

Years ago the field of these black ops was expanded from war to the economy. After the 1987 stock market crash, the president created the President’’s Working Group on Financial Markets, better known as the Plunge Protection Team, composed of representatives of the Federal Reserve, Treasury, and Wall Street and empowered to intervene in market crises. If that sounds like a tee-tiny conflict of interest, that’’s because it is, granting to private interests all the mighty powers of government to use for their own benefit. However, what does that amount to? Nothing, after passing the 1913 Federal Reserve Act creating a banking cartel and empowering it to create money out of thin air and force the rest of us to accept it, as well as power to control the economy by manipulating interest rates and money supply? Next to that, the Plunge Protection team is mere peanut shells.

In the late 1980s the Savings & Loan crisis emerged, not limited to $25 billion as government officials at first promised, but $500 billion. The problem was ““solved”” by creating the Resolution Trust Corp. to absorb all the bad loans and shuck their cost off onto the taxpayers’’ backs. Greenspan throws the banks a lifeline out of their mess by allowing them to borrow from the Fed at lower rates than the federal government was paying on its debt. Thus they could borrow from the Fed and invest the money in higher-paying Treasuries to patch up their balance sheets. Back up the truck: free money.

As usual, to satisfy the public’’s bloodlust, a sacrificial victim was located, representing all the guilty and covering their sin. The fall-guy Keating was charged, convicted, and punished. Some poor street level patsy is always lynched, while the planners in the penthouse offices walk away clean.

In 2008 a liquidity crisis threatens to seize up Wall Street and punish them for their Tapeworm misdeeds, but the U.S. government with the Federal Reserve System bails them out with the TARP act. Later, in congressional testimony Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke flat refuses to reveal which banks got the money. Flat refuses, and walks away clean.

Implications for gold, silver

In the mid-1990s the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee began publishing evidence that the U.S. Treasury Department and Federal Reserve, in collusion with various bullion banks, was suppressing gold prices, to suppress long term interest rates and suppressing silver, to keep the gold price down. That the U.S. government had power and means to execute such a price suppression scheme was a matter of statutory fact. The 1934 Gold Reserve Act created the Exchange Stabilization Fund, a secret slush fund to enable the U.S. Treasury to manipulate the exchange rates of both gold and the dollar.

As if GATA had not already heaped up sufficient evidence to prove its case, a London silver & gold trader Andrew Maguire has made public –– after making known to the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission –– exactly how JP Morgan manipulates the silver market, luring other traders to enhance the effect by hopping onto the move. Whoops. A few days later a hit and run driver (““lone assassin””?) smashes into Maguire and his wife walking down the street. Sloppily enough, they survived. As yet, the CFTC hasn’’t announced how it will swallow and cover up his allegations, but you can bet your secret-decoder ring they will.

How rationally to look at government today

Now if government manifests a steady pattern of stonewalling, proven deception, and bailing out special interests, what conclusions must a rational person draw? No, no, no, I am not talking about paranoids or conspiracy nuts or racist right wing extremists or even anti-government extremists, but rational persons. Only two conclusions are possible:

1. Federal officials lie and conduct illegal and unconstitutional black operations both at home and abroad. These programs favor political or financial special interests against the plain interests of the American people.

2. These programs aim to decapitalize and enslave the average citizen, so one must take measures to protect one’’s family and oneself.

After more than 30 years of watching and examining events financial and political, I confess I have become somewhat cynical. Also, somewhat tired of repeating the experience. I have been so sickened so many times that I have been hardened. It is tough to surprise me any more. What I find more surprising is that other people cannot –– or refuse to — see the obvious.

It is obvious that Obama has some problem with his birthplace, for instance. Otherwise, he would have just dragged out his certified birth certificate and waved it in front of the cameras, easy-sneezy, Japaneezy. Likewise, something smells of mackerel with 9/11. If these two matters were clear, then the press wouldn’’t bother calling anyone who raises the questions ““anti-government extremists.””

By now it has also become clear that the U.S. government, the Fed, foreign central banks, and associated running dogs have long been manipulating the silver and gold markets. But in fact, that prior suppression is exactly what those markets need to send them shooting into outer space. What made the great bull market of 1980 except the Feds suppressing silver and gold for the preceding 50 years? The suppression running from 1995 until now is working the same miracle.

The cure?

The power that governments wield constantly tempts poor fallen mankind to corruption. That’’s why the American founders tried to build a government that checked power with competing branches as watchdogs.

That no longer works, if ever it did. Many argue convincingly that the 1789 constitution itself was a capitulation to special interests wanting to overthrow the Articles of Confederation and create a strong and easily controlled central government. Either way, the federal government today, captive as it is to financial and political special interests, cannot be redeemed. It must be abolished and replaced with a just and honest system. Government and the economy, including especially banks, must be separated.

There’’s an odd quirk about truth and the desire for human freedom: they can be suppressed, but never obliterated. Thus people look at manipulations in the metals markets and with hopelessness ask me, ““If markets are manipulated, why bother investing? You are beaten already.”” But that is plainly false. ““The mill of God grinds slow, but it grinds exceeding fine.”” The proof is plainly written in the progress of the silver & gold markets since 2001. I don’’t doubt the government and its flunkies have manipulated the market, but with what success? Gold and silver have risen from $252 and $4.00 to $1,430 and $23.20. I don’’t call that success, I call it delaying the inevitable. Likewise the criminals in government behind the lies that have dragged the U.S. into war after war will at last be exposed, and, we hope, punished. Somehow or other, be it decades later, the filthy details always emerge.

Those who fear the country will inevitably be dragged down into socialist slavery are wrong. The government and the media want you to believe that is inevitable; that forms a crucial part of their psychological war on the public. Nothing is inevitable but death and the Last Judgement. The spontaneous eruption of the Tea Party and 10th Amendment movements witness to that. A terrible struggle may ensue, even violence or civil war, but no outcome is inevitable.

In the meantime, what can we do? Protect ourselves against hostile government policies, largely by buying silver & gold. Enjoy our revenge by living free with integrity in an age of lies, and while we are waiting, we can strike for free government any honest and peaceful blow in our power. And trust God for the outcome.

‡ Operation Northwoods was a false flag plan concocted by the U.S. government in 1962. It called for the CIA or other operatives to commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities which would be blamed on Cuba as an excuse for war against that country. It included plans for a reign of terror in Florida cities and Washington, hijackings, and bombings with false evidence planted to implicate Cuba. The plan was drafted by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, signed by Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer, and forwarded to the Secretary of Defense, although it was never officially adopted and implemented.

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Hundreds of scenes like this one took place during Boston police’s warrantless searches of hundreds of houses.

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