Groups rip Hammond, defend pro-slavery religion

Muslim slave markets through history have valued white women. Slavery is integral to Muslim conquest.

Muslim slave markets through history have valued white women, as this painting from earlier times suggests. Slavery is integral to Muslim conquest.

By David Tulis

Words of indignation flashed across Hamilton County like so much summer lighting as the civil rights establishment and pro-Muslim groups targeted Sheriff Jim Hammond for his analysis of the religion of Mohammed.

In its report, TV12 says Mr. Hammond makes “alarming xenophobic and anti-Muslim comments.” The Times Free Press denounces the sheriff and tells him to holster his gun.

Sheriff Hammond says Muslim political and military ideology are powerful enemies of Western ideals, especially those developed within Christianity and free markets, and that the July 16 Muslim attack killing five Navy members in Chattanooga typifies how jihad works. The slaughter of Americans in the city bodes ill for future relations of Islam in the U.S. As Muslims rapidly multiply in childbirth and immigration, Christendom and American culture are slowly waking themselves up, and Mr. Hammond counts himself a man of international perspective with the authority to speak about Islamic warfare.

Hedy Weinberg, Tennessee ACLU

The groups say Mr. Hammond’s warnings about the bloody Muslim atrocities the past 1,400 years may make Americans angry at Mohammedanism itself — and at its followers, ordinary Chattanoogans all. Recent statements “stoke the flames of hate that could incite attacks against peaceful Americans,” says a release by the Tennessee ACLU, the American Muslim Advisory Council and two other groups.

The carping by Hedy Weinberg implies that if Mr. Hammond sees death and destruction in Islam, he cannot as a sheriff defend members of the innocent public. His words cause “fear and division” among sectors of society, Ms. Weinberg says. If Mr. Hammond criticizes gunman Mohammed Abdulazeez’s religion, he cannot treat all Tennesseans “fairly and equally under the law,” the groups aver.

‘Singling out’ Islam for ‘persecution’

Of particular virulence are the rebukes of Mercy Junction and Peace Center, led by a leftwing Presbyterian minister, the Rev. Brian Merritt. That group says Mr. Hammond threatens religious freedom.

“Not only were the comments bigoted and hateful, they are dangerous to the liberty of a religious community within Hamilton County. Residents of Hamilton County should have confidence that all religions are protected under our shared guaranteed constitutional freedoms. It is an inherent danger when armed agents of the government condemn a religion practiced by the people they serve. Singling out a particular religious community for persecution by county officials is reprehensible and the height of immorality.”

Mr. Hammond lived in the Middle East for several years working among Arabs and Muslims and studying their lives. He also has studied the Muslim trilogy — the Koran, the Hadith and the Sira. These three works are the basis for any study of Mohammed’s religion, and are the source of its power and imperial claims upon Chattanooga.

Mr. Hammond’s critics don’t enter into any of the dogmas of political Islam, for if they did they perhaps would recoil in amazement and its tenets.

Slavery & bent knees

The Muslim religion is one that holds to the doctrines of slavery — forced sex with slaves and many other practices. In Mohammed’s system, the most valuable slave at a Mecca auction is a white woman. Mohammed’s favorite sex slave was a white Christian woman, according to A. Guillaume’s The Life of Muhammad, 1982. Mary was a Coptic Christian, and her presence caused an uproar on the prophet’s harem. To her a son was born.

Mohammed was involved in every aspect of slavery. He killed “kafir” (nonbelieving) men so that their women and children could be enslaved. He gave slaves as gifts. Mohammed approved of a master’s having sexual relations with a slave, and took  his own pleasure innumerable times without offense to his deity. He traded slaves to enliven his sexual adventures and those of his lieutenants. He checked his nails while, a few feet off, a fellow beat a slave. Trafficking slaves built up his treasuries for jihad just as trafficking narcotics boosts the cash reserves of the Taliban and al Queda. Rulers gave Mohammed slaves as gifts. The great one’s cook, tailor, pulpit-maker and doctor were slaves. These points are in Bill Warner’s helpful brief, Sharia for Non-Muslims.

Some Muslims express regret for the religion’s history in slavery.

Sheriff Hammond describes Islam as being not merely a religious rite. The Koran and its two companion volumes create a complete and expansive civilization summarized in the Sharia, a detailed political, religious, military and legal code.

To the organism defended by Mercy Junction and the ACLU, Mr. Hammond represents the legacy civilization in North America still strongly influenced by Christianity and the Reformation. But he and his people are infidels to Islam, and if Muslim ideology gains ascendency, Mr. Hammond (or his descendants) will have to convert or be extinguished.

The Muslim trilogy are devoted to jihad, or warfare of the kind pursued July 16 in Chattanooga. The Hadith devotes 21 percent of its lines to it, the Sira (Mohammed’s biography), 67 percent; the Medina Koran, 24 percent (and the Meccan Koran, zero percent). All told a third of Muslim sacred texts are given to warfare.

Sources: Bill Warner, Sharia for Non-Muslims, Center for the study of Political Islam (NASHVILLE, CSPI, 2010), 48 pp

“Tennessee ACLU and other organizations denounce Sheriff Jim Hammond’s anti-Muslim comments,” TV12, Sept. 2, 2015. Press release should have been rewritten as a story.

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