Muslim credo impels attacks, Hammond says; sheriff using U.S. intel

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond says residents need to be aware of the political ambitions of Mohammedanism. (Photo AM 1240 Hot News Talk Radio)

Sheriff Jim Hammond tells David Tulis that Hamilton County residents need to be aware of the political ambitions of Mohammedanism leading to subjugation of the U.S. and its democratic institutions. (Photo AM 1240 Hot News Talk Radio)

By Keon Rose

The Muslim attacker in Chattanooga was living out the tenets of a totalitarian faith, and the sheriff’ department’s U.S.-supplied surveillance data did not have him “on the radar screen,” Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond says in an interview.

Muslim religious and political creeds dictate world domination in which acts of terror and jihad are religiously sanctioned, the sheriff says.
Mr. Hammond is asked in an interview if he has a paramilitary power to eject from Hamilton County abusive officials from the federal government? He demurs, but says if anyone breaks the law and abuses the liberties of the people, he will act to stop the abuse.

The drug war is being fought to suppress an abuse of liberty among the people, he says. “Is there a time when you have to restrict somebody’s liberty for the good welfare of everybody? And I don’t mind telling you, I think that’s right in some cases. For instance, immigration.”

Mr. Hammond is accountable directly to the people by election. But he says chiefs of police are equally accountable because mayors who elect them are subject to election. He states repeatedly his belief that elections make abusive authority accountable.

Sheriff Hammond gave this interview Aug. 7, 2015, at AM 1240 Hot News Talk Radio.

Abdulazeez not necessarily radicalized

David Tulis — Could you tell us a bit about what your analysis of Muhammad Abdulazeez’s attack on the military installations here in Chattanooga.

Chief Jim Hammond — Well of course I think everybody would agree that first of all there was terrorism involved. He created an atmosphere of terrorism. I think it was also domestic terrorism in that he was home-grown. He was he was born and raised here. It’s certainly terrorism and certainly domestic.

What you’re probably not going to hear — and this is Jim Hammond speaking — is I believe this was Islamic terrorism — Islamic to trade his fate, the beliefs of the faith that he recognizes. The things that led up to this particular day and what he did, all of that points to me this was a perfect example of what we call domestic Islamic terrorism.

Tulis — Mohammad Abdulazeez had personal problems; he had alcohol consumption, he had some debts he [garbled]

Jim Hammond — [garbled]  his mental health, his faith training that he had had. His mental health, his concern about whether or not he could reach the heaven that the Islamic Muslims speak of required him to do some pretty drastic things in order to get that accomplished.

Tulis — So, it was a religiously inspired attack it wasn’t just wasn’t just political. It was from the political religious system of Islam

Jim Hammond — I think that was certainly part of it, yes.

Islam’s totalitarian ambition

Tulis — Is it fair to say that this analysis is being overlooked by the national narrative that is coming out of Chattanooga and the FBI office?

Please

— Keon Rose is a Chattanooga State student who hosts a daily sports talk show at AM 1240 Hot News Talk Radio. David Tulis writes at and hosts a 9-11 a.m. show.

Source: “Interview with Jim Hammond,” Aug. 7, 2015, YouTube,

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