Cmdr. White remains under pall as city holds pro-military event

Thousands of Chattanoogans gather to raise funds for survivors of a Muslim act of jihad that killed five members of the federal navy. (Photo Thom Benson)

Thousands of Chattanoogans gather Wednesday to raise funds for survivors of a Muslim act of jihad that killed five members of the federal navy. (Photo Thom Benson)

By David Tulis

The naval department of the U.S. government is declining to make a declaration that Lt. Cmdr. Tim White is clear from the prospect  of prosecution.

The U.S. Navy brass has dealt tenderly with the installation commanding officer in Chattanooga who used a pistol secreted onto the facility and shot back at the Muslim gunman Mohammad Abdulazeez in an local jihad July 16 in which he obeyed the teaching of Mohammad and used his best means to kill several kafir, or heathens. Lt. Cmdr. White was given a place on the podium at a public event two weeks after the shooting, the same platform at which spoke the head of the defense department Ash Carter and the federal vice president Joe Biden.

But a bland statement issued in response to a query by Chrissy Essex of Chattanoogans for Justice suggests Mr. White should be preparing his legal defenses if anything more than an administrative wrist slap is proposed by the Navy.

“The investigation is still ongoing and being held by another department,” says Kimberly Brubeck in an email. A Navy unit and the FBI are studying the attack. “It might take months before any conclusions are reached about what exactly happened in Chattanooga. Please understand that all of our sailors welfares are of concern to us *** but we have to wait for the investigation team to do their job. *** [Y]ou can tell your callers that you have no new news.”

Mrs. Brubeck is a public affairs officer for the navy reserve force command.

In her query, Mrs. Essex says Mr. White should be absolved of any claim he violated paperwork rules pertaining to weapons.

“Our community is outraged over the continued investigation and wonder why the Good Samaritan act is not being applied in his case,” she says. The Good Samaritan defense holds that one who averts a major evil act cannot be accused of having committed a minor infraction in the process. A person who pushes an old woman out of the way of a runaway garbage truck has his good Samaritan deed as a defense against a misdemeanor charge of jaywalking.

“We see an injustice and want justice served as the Navy looks politicized,” says Mrs. Essex, whose group is Chattanoogans for Justice is on Facebook, “in not concluding this matter in favor of Cmdr. Timothy White, a man trained in the use of firearms [who] obeyed his oath to protect and serve.”

The highest reaches of the federal executive branch — namely President Obama — are favorable to Muslims and Islamic imperialist expansion. But it is unlikely that this prejudice against Christianity will filter down to the investigation as it touches on Lt. Cmdr. White, a homeschooling dad of seven children and an active churchgoing Christian.

A detailed story about the U.S. probe of the massacre in the Chattanooga Times Free Press says more than 50 FBI agents are studying the massacre, caused by a man whose motivations are said to still be unclear.

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