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Orchestra boss bellows at pregnant violinist, orders shot or be fired

American flags, placards and children flutter about a protest against the rash philistinism of the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera, which gracefully and classically has fired all musicians who stand firm on principle against participating in medical experiments. (Photo David Tulis)
This musical duo gives an interview to a TV reporter about why they are standing on the street with references to the Nuremburg trials rather than taking part inside Memorial Auditorium in the evening’s musical festivities. (Photo David Tulis)
A tyke in a stroller uneasily eyes a reporter making note of her mom’s sign, which says, “I love my freedom more than music.” (Photo David Tulis)
A once-freedom minded America has fallen to medical fascism and a Soviet-style woke culture of hostility, expulsion and segregation. But these people Thursday insist such a direction is a disaster. (Photo David Tulis)
Hamilton County has been under a Republican Party-caused state of disaster and emergency 562 days, without a nonfraudulent warrant or exigency stated as to why constitutional protections have been abrogated. (Photo David Tulis)
The woman at left suppotrs Chattanooga Symphony & Opera members who have been fired for refusing to join in the top-down superstitionism of CV-19. She says she lives in Marion County and has no ear for music. (Photo David Tulis)
Victoria Stoddard plays violin at a protest at Memorial Auditorium in Chattanooga as jab-happy patrons file past. (Photo David Tulis)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Sept. 23, 2021 — More than 70 protesters today condemn the firing of a pregnant violinist in the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera, a woman who survived Covid-19 and has lifetime immunity.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio

The vocal support of CSO members who were fired prompts the waving of American flags and placards such as “If you are against discrimination, please ask for a refund,” condemning compulsion and one-size-fits-all state-based medicine.

Rachael McFarlane and her husband, Matt, have four children, one awaiting to be born. (Photo Matt McFarlane)

The “unpaid leave” of Rachael McFarlane by executive director Samantha Teter suggests the power of fear and philistinism in the admitted fraud of the CV-19 state of emergency in Tennessee. The medico-terror state created by GOP Gov. Bill Lee the patented coronavirus “pandemic” created continues to bring ruin to thousands of jobs, lives and occupations since March 12, 2020.

A reporter’s call to the CSO requesting comment is not returned.

Mrs. McFarlane, mother of four (one child in utero) says the order to get the jab came on a Saturday with a Tuesday deadline to show proof of inoculation. She submitted to management on Tuesday a four-page religious exemption request that she said “has not been accepted and no accommodations have even been attempted.”

An emailed order “of new protocol rules” includes “required vaccinations, or testing every 72 hours and required masks regardless,” Mrs. McFarlane says.  “No explanation has been made at all. All that’s been said is the only option I have is unpaid leave.”

As the 75 demonstrators stand about, symphony goers file past in their most elegant jackets and dresses, their faces moofed up in masks black and white.

Samantha Teter

David Gidcumb, who stands with a sign next to his wife, Leslie, says the attendees are forced under mask and, to get into the building tonighty, have to show proof of having taken the experimental serum that manufacturers admit alters one’s DNA and restarts the human “software of life.”

As couples file past, Victoria Stoddard plays her violin as little children frolick nearby, some poking about with American flags. 

“Because of a condition I have with anxiety,” Victoria says, “I was not able to wear a mask, and they made an exception for the flute, but they could not make it for the stings, such as myself. And, so, I just couldn’t do it. My dad wouldn’t allow me to. I suffer from very bad anxiety that, I don’t know, it just kinda takes control sometimes.”

Mrs. Teter booted the girl from the children’s orchestra.

As Victoria speaks, her mother stands next to her, her lips pursing, tears blobbing in her eyes. A sign in her hand says, “Unvaccinated #bornthisway.”

Mrs. McFarlane says in her four-page letter regarding her religious beliefs:

I do not cover my face, with a mask or shield, as I am made in the image of God, and as an image-bearer of God, I must stand before him with my face unveiled. (If I ever had covered my face in the past, I realize now how that has grieved my Creator, and I will not cover my face again, in accordance with my sincerely-held religious beliefs.)

Wearing a mask is an affront to my Christian beliefs and I cannot go against God’s law in covering my face. As an image-bearer of God, I must stand before him with my face unveiled.

I am a Christian. I am not a Muslim. Muslims veil their faces, not Christians. Wearing a mask is an affront to my Christian beliefs and I cannot go against God’s law in covering my face.

God created me in his image and I will not and cannot cover my face with a mask, face-covering, shield or any other device.

The Bible shows us that only prostitutes and those who hide their face in shame cover their face. I am neither, and I will not and cannot cover my face at any time for any reason, in accordance with my sincerely-held religious beliefs, which are protected by state and federal Law.

For an opinion to have religious protection as a matter of law, if must meet at least five tests, which are that the personal position ➤ Arises from religious training and is a belief ➤ Your belief is personal to the individual  ➤ Is in relation to a supreme being or power ➤ Involving duties superior to those owed to any human being ➤ Must be truly and sincerely held

Mrs. McFarlene’s husband, Matt, says templates for religious exemption letters are available from groups such as America’s Frontline Doctors. He provides these links:

Here is the interview with Matt McFarlane on NoogaRadio. 


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