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Tulis gets protection letter from dept. of revenue

I carry this letter on the dashboard of my Honda Odyssey minivan, involved in two lawsuits, including this one with the department of revenue over the mass fraud against poor people who don’t buy motor vehicle insurance from state-approved providers.

This Tulis minivan is on the public right of way without insurance coverage, and will be the basis of a challenge to a state-based fraud upon the people of Tennessee. (Photo David Tulis)

Anne Warner, attorney department of revenue (Photo LinkedIn)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Sunday,  May 5, 2024 — On the dashboard of my old Honda Odyssey minivan is a most unusual letter.

It is a “to whom it may concern” missive to police officers who might stop me for traveling down the road either with an expired tag or no tag at all.

The car is focus of a lawsuit against the Tennessee department revenue and its commissioner, David Gerregano for fraud.

This letter confirms that David Jonathan Tulis is involved in a contested case with the Tennessee Department of Revenue (the “Department”) over this motor vehicle, a green Honda Odyssey minivan with VIN #2HKRL1859YH575510, Tennessee license plate number 774BGWC. 

 Mr. Tulis has filed a Complaint against the Department seeking the restoration of the vehicle’s registration, which the Department revoked. The laws under dispute are the “financial responsibility” portions of the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Code, codified at Tenn. Code Ann. § 55-12-201 et seq. Mr. Tulis’ legal challenge is based on a reading of the relevant law that allows the right to freely travel the roads of Tennessee privately without vehicle insurance as long as he does not utilize his vehicle as an instrumentality in commerce.

The matter is properly before the Department’s Administrative Hearing Office and is brought pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. § 4-5-1-1 et seq. The legal proceeding is currently pending before Administrative Law Judge Brad Buchanan. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions about the matter of David Jonathan Tulis v. Department of Revenue, docket number 23-004. I can be reached at or (615) 532-5106.

The protection letter is a concession for my having to wait until July 7 to depose a department official about its Eye of Sauron operation in ostensible enforcement of the Tennessee financial responsibility law of 1977 (motor vehicle insurance law).

Brad Buchanan, left, is administtrative juidge in department of revenue. He sits in place of the tax commissioner, represented before him by Camille Cline, department attorney. I am at right. (Photos LinkedIn, Facebook)

Clearly it would have been bad optics to force a working man to use the public road in peril of arrest while a government lawyer took time off to have a baby.

Anne Warner is Camille Cline’s substitute during her absence. Mrs. Cline and I had just finished a combative round regarding “notice of deposition” when she departed. Mrs. Warner and I quickly drafted the letter and arrange a compromise.

Hearing officer Buchanan earlier rejected a motion for injunction.

Americans live under commercial government, and not under lawful government. All movement by car or truck is presumptively under commerce, and under “privilege.” Taxes in Tennessee are imposed only two ways. Ad valorem. And privilege. Presumption of privilege means all cops and deputies enforce privileging regulation on all users of the road. Anyone not under the tag of commerce is going to be arrested and abused because we live under illegal bill of attainder “law.” A bill of attainder effectively makes outlaw a category of people apart from trial or hearing.

This sketch on TFRL — Tennessee financial responsibility law — shows how department of revenue’s Eye of Sauron program operates not on 3,000 people (under law), but upon 6.2 million — illegally, criminally. The EIVS program (“Sauron”) is intended to regulate only the “financially irresponsible” and  whether they have proof of insurance after disobeying the law after an accident. (Sketch by Tulis)

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