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Hearsay phone call lets cop get warrant, arrest Venmo refund fraud victim


Tamela Grace Massengale, victim of arrest warrant fraud by county government, is outside the courthouse in Chattanooga. (Photo David Tulis)

Tamela Grace Massengale was arrested and hauled into court in Chattanooga with just a a simple phone and neither the cop nor the offended party were at the hearing, though she demanded about their absence..
By Christopher Sapp
She has been hemmed up by hearsay and deprived of her liberty on rumor and innuendo alone.
Judicial economy would have taken the time to examine the merits of the case, not protectively lectured at length about UPL, opting to kick the case down the field for another day when it could have disposed of the same immediately sua sponte, or upon a proper objection.
The cop Brandi Siler has no standing to be the “prosecutor” because she was not a material witness nor the offended party herself.
Essentially, she’s acting as a busybody interjecting herself into a dispute that really doesnt concern her or the state of Tennessee.  As a non-lawyer he doesnt have the proper training to draw legal conclusions or to assess whethrr the matter is civil or criminal in nature…nor to give “legal advice” to the other kady on the phone.
In hind-sight, the officer should have simply written his report, conducted a FULL investigation to adduce statements from BOTH parties and filed his summation with the D.A.’s office.  If the offended party thought a crimebhad been committed, SHE should have filed an affidavit to that effect with the Magistrate or D.A.’s office…not the cop.
The “doggy-door doctrine” slams the door on the Courts of Tennessee, leaving its citizens out in the cold and allowing access only for Police and Deputies to come and go as they please.  Just another everyday example of the way in which the Courts of Tennessee abrogate our declaration of rights through customs and policies, in repudiation of our state’s constitution.

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