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What part of ‘private passenger automobile’ does the Guano not understand?

DA Coty Wamp refuses to proseute 2 criminal charges against David

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Friday,  Feb. 23 — I have a hearing today in the department of revenue, whose commissioner — the “Guano” — I am suing for restoration of a tag.

By David  Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

Am reviewing your motion to protect that we will discuss Friday 2 p.m. central time. The hearing will include two affidavits and two motions, one to chastise Camille Cline, his staff attorney defending the so-called respondent from my claim.
I ask her get the commissioner to define privilege, and to admit the existence of the private use of travel. I am suing for restoration of a privilege — yes. The tag shows exercise of a privilege. But while doing so I am also defending the right of ingress and egress, aka the right of travel. Not the right to drive. That’s taxable and regulated. But the right of personal movement by private conveyance, car or automobile from Point A to Point B.

David Gerregano Cmsr revenue

What does the kommissar say about this law?
For the purpose of interstate and intrastate reciprocal provisions of this chapter, the utility trailers shall be classified the same as private passenger automobiles and extended the same privileges. The burden of submitting verifiable data as to the average number of trailers operating during the preceding licensing year in and throughout this state shall be on the trailer owner.
Tenn. Code Ann. § 55-4-111(emph. added)
Does DOR admit other evidences in state law that the general assembly and the code recognize and respect freedom and liberty, as in this quote in Title 67, the Tennessee tax code?
All roads, streets, alleys and promenades  where legally dedicated and thrown open or public travel for use free of charge shall be exempt from taxation.

Tenn. Code Ann. § 55-4-111 (emph added)

I am demanding admission as a matter of law that my minivan, apart from the privilege, is not a motor vehicle.  Does DOR admit my van is, today after revocation, a private passenger automobile?
Does DOR admit that I am suing to have the automobile restored as a motor vehicle, converted back to its former status by virtue of the registration as a motor vehicle, the tag being proof of tax payment made for the privilege and its privileged use?
The commissioner is under three unrebutted administrative notices. Tennessee transportation administrative notice. The administrative notice regarding TFRL and its disabilities. Administrative notice in ingress-egress rights. These filings of record are designed to assist him perform his duty as tax commissioner.

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