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Generous souls urged help homeschooling mom of 8 fight for her life

Bill and Becky Ensinger of Dayton, Tenn., manage a farmer’s market booth selling goats milk soaps they make at their house. (Photo Bill and Becky Ensinger)

DAYTON, Tenn., Saturday, Sept. 30, 2023 — We are the Ensingers, Bill, Becky, and our 8 children, Laura age 13, Elizabeth 11, Gabriel 10, Gideon 8, Phoebe 6, Naomi 4, Andrew 2, and baby Julia 7 months.

By Bill Ensinger

We are a Christian family from Dayton , Tennessee, homeschoolers who live simply on our farm and make and sell goat milk soaps.

On Sept. 26, we were absolutely blindsided to find out that Becky had stage 4 small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma. Her oncologist has given her a very poor prognosis, as little as three weeks without treatment, perhaps a year with chemotherapy.

We have been researching extensively and we want to take her to the Brio Medical Clinic in Scottsdale Arizona. They offer an extensive integrated approach to cancer treatment that has seen excellent results.

Our entire family would have to travel to Scottsdale for this 7 week program.

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In addition to this, Bill is unable to work during this time while caring for Becky. So we have very limited income.

We know God is the Great Physician and we trust him with the outcome.

This is where we need you. We humbly ask our friends and family to consider donating to cover expenses for this trip. The cost is considerable but we believe it has the best chance to save her life.

We don’t want our eight children to grow up without their mama.

Whether you can give or not, please share this with your friends, and please be in prayer for us. Prayers are appreciated for healing, comfort, wisdom, and guidance. May God’s will be done.

Lethal cancer creeps up on farmwife mom of 8


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