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Hand-delivered administrative notice goes to Sheriff Garrett as LPR tyranny begins

Investigative reporter David Tulis gives a fresh courtesy copy of Tennessee Transportation Administratige Notice to new county sheriff Austin Garrett.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2023 – I go to the Hamilton County county court’s building and the sheriff’s office after the show today and ask for Sheriff Austin Garrett. 

By  David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

He is not in. But through thick entry foyer security glass I meet one Kacey Picou, his administrative assistant. 

I decide under the urgency of the sheriff’s new LPR program to give immediate courtesy service of Tennessee transportation administrative notice. I slide the 21-page legal notice under the glass.

I explain that the county and the sheriff’s department are under this notice as of March 2018 and are to be on awares about the provisions of law in the court cases and state and federal law that it relates.

I suggest that the notice makes clear the legal hazards for the department in activity upon the public outside the law.

I say that I am in jeopardy of arrest thanks to the LPR system which is an exhaustive license plate reader that will instantly notify any deputy that I am in a car not attached to an auto insurance policy under T.C.A. 55, chapter 12, financial responsibility.

This law and its ultra vires enforcement, I say, will lead to my arrest and that will probably be without a warrant in violation of 40-7-103 about which I separately have put the county on administrative notice as of April 15,  2020. 

I explained to her that the administrative notice on transportation is a public document of which there has been notorious publication in Hamilton County suitable for legal notice. 

I also say that I’m the journalist who sues and that I’m right now in court against the chief justice, Roger Page; a police officer; and a Tennessee city for false imprisonment and false arrest and for abrogation of T.C.A. 40-7-103, the arrest by officer without a warrant exceptions law.

Given that LPR’s are on the prowl, I say, I expect my arrest within hours or days in breach of my rights without probable cause. I do not travel in my car under privilege, but I communicate on the public way by right as do many other people, especially among the poor, I tell Ms. Picou.


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