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Lee, Barnes attack on people in CV-19 calamity are federal civil torts, crimes

Coverage of the CV-19 industrial disaster led by the federal government is absent in the fog-bomber media such as the Times Free Press and local TV and news outlets.However, Health Impact News and other outlets are exposing the harm of the inoculation disaster. (Photo Health Impact News)

The fraud of coronavirus as a national disaster or state emergency is led by led by federal government and argued in terms of CDC guidelines.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

Here is a list of how Gov. Bill Lee and people such as former health department administrator Becky Barnes (both of whom are involved in my lawsuit to re-establish liberty in Tennessee) operated to invoke federal civil and criminal sanctions.

Levi Thurston, one of my gnomes, a Tennessee man in Texas for the time being, rattles off this list in one of our talks about my case, State ex rel. David Jonathan Tulis vs. Bill Lee, Tennessee governor, et al.

Numerous U.S. law wrongs

  • No origin in TN, and still no existence in the state as no first case
  • There was federal funding
  • “Just recommendations.” Not true. They were converted into force of law, and federal courts ceased to do their job.
  • Everyone ran off the cliff together, with feds pushing everyone.
  • Abused states that did not cooperate. Threats of isolation. Coercion turned into reward in federal funding.
  • Fauci cried fire in theater
  • State were puppets of federal bureaucracies. 
  • I stepped in early demanding where is the actual pathogen? Threats to me, wrecked business, etc., while we were not in any real medical harm. The real harm was government action withholding of treatment.
  • Had state followed its own rule, it could have stopped the whole charade. There is no isolate for SARS-COV-2, nothing purified and laboratory tested as being a pathogen and chain of transmission.
  • Isolation still not done.
  • Not too late to follow law. Prove there is pathogen!
  • State in criminal conspiracy with federal actors, thus a federal issue. This was a false alarm had federal actors not played a role. 
  • Interstate issues, including right to trade and occupation
  • Federal 42 USC 1983 civil rights harms
  • Suppresion of remedies using interstate telecom
  • Interrupting radio station FCC regulated, freedom of speech
  • 13th amendment on slavery = “safer at home”
  • Pandemic fraud arises from commerce clause, relying on interstate facilities to promote the pandemic and defraud the public
  • When using printed communications, there is a defrauding occurring

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