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Justices docket petition in Gov. Lee Covid fraud case

This file is posted today on the website of the U.S. supreme court in Washington, D.C.
The federal supreme court takes 1 percent of cases submitted by aggrieved litigants. (Photo Trip.com)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Friday, Jan. 20, 2023 — The U.S. supreme court today dockets the case State ex rel Tulis v. Lee and begins the process of digesting the 38-page petition demanding the court compel state government to return to its constitution and halt abrogation of many protected federal rights.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

The court website says a ruling on taking the petition No. 22-6585 and the in forma pauperis motion has a “response due” Feb. 22. Sharon Milling, who represents respondent Becky Barnes, and Janet Kleinfelter, representing Gov. Lee, have a chance to challenge the petition or the in pauperis motion. It’s not clear from the rules their deadline to protest.

About 22 such petitions arrive every day at the supreme court mailroom. That’s about 8,000 a year. Half of these are pro se, meaning by people filing grievances on their own without aid of an attorney or lawyer. My petition is in that category. I file it in my own name without counsel or representation. All things being equal, the nine justices have 1 percent chance of taking an interest in a case in which I represent you and the state itself.

I filed the civil lawsuit 840 days ago, demanding equity and a writ of mandamus in chancery court of Hamilton County in a matter that court rules and equity principles require be settled in days, as irreparable harm is in view and is instant or imminent. 

Pam Fleenor, chancery judge

Judge Pamela Fleenor handled the emergency filing as if it were an ordinary business dispute or probate flap,. Not once does she refer to the claims of equity or any principles of equity as described in the chancery Bible, Gibson’s Suits in Chancery, by a famous Tennessee judge and lover of equity. The book is full of explanations, how-to’s and sample forms for every conceivable situation in which the court is asked to settle an injustice apart from damages or punishment.

In this petition I am the relator, representing the state itself as against people in office who are violating the law and not representing the state, its constitution nor its laws. Respondents-in-fraud Lee and Barnes are in my sights either by a restorative command in equity or a writ of mandamus.

Mandamus is a powerful people-power remedy aimed at officials who violate the law. In Tennessee, cases indicate mandamus cannot be used to compel a governor “to perform an act,” but courts of equity have the power of judicial command in the same nature as mandamus, but apart from the specific remedy, found in T.C.A.§ Title 29-25-101ff. That is the power of order or injunction. These plenary powers can forbid or compel a public servant to come into obedience.

Respondents convince chancery and the court of appeals in Knoxville I have no standing because either I have not been harmed by the scorched-earth state of martial law in April 2020 and months following or I am harmed among so many people similarly situated that I am indistinguishable from them, a victim invisible in a sea of victims, and thus unable to obtain relief.

This prosecution is done as a Christian ministry on behalf the 7 million people in the state, and my four children. I have a crowd-funding page at GoFundMe.com Liberty for Tennessee) and receive gifts by check. If I were paying a legal bill, I would probably be out more than a million dollars. I keep strict account of time spent for eventual reimbursement of my costs for this prosecution of restoration and mercy against resident evil.

David Tulis

℅ 10520 Brickhill Lane

Soddy-Daisy, TN 37379

I thank you for praying for me, and donating cash gifts while I am out of action in sales commission and other earnings.

Yes, I want to help you, David

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