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Wamp ousts attorney Taylor, who backs CV-19 fraud

Hamilton County mayor Weston Wamp visits with members of the public downtown Chattanooga. (Photo mayor’s office)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Oct. 20, 2022  Like barnacles layering the hull of a ship, customs and usages have so thickly clogged the vessel of Hamilton County that a dry dock inspection by new mayor Weston Wamp is forcing him to start chiseling away the crud.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

The clutter and obstructions are of many sorts, allowed to grow by attorney Rheubin Taylor, whom Mayor Wamp is in process of firing.

A usage sounds as bad as it is. “A usage or practice of the people, which, by common adoption and acquiescence, and by long and unvarying habit, has become compulsory, and has acquired the force of a law with respect to the place or subject-matter to which it relates,“ Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th ed., says (emphasis added).

News coverage of a spat between the county commission and Mayor Wamp fails to mention the biggest reason Mr. Taylor must go. He failed to alert the county in 2019 and early 2020 that if Covid-19 arrived in Tennessee, his department would have to make the health department obey the infectious health law — a real piece of work from 1905. That law required Hamilton County to stand alone and uphold the rights of the people and limits on the use of police power and make no steps to “mitigate” an erstwhile pandemic without knowing what the condition or disease is.

Taylor ignores law, constitution

Mr. Taylor ignored the law, making not a single nonprivileged communication with county officials about its claims. Had he done so, I would have unearthed them in an open records request prior to suing health administrator Becky Barnes and Gov. Bill Lee for fraud. Mr. Taylor refused to notify then-Mayor Jim Coppinger of the claims of T.C.A. § 68-5-104, requiring a first case be found, that it be identified as infectious and evidence of epidemic, and that a determination be made as to the agent of contagion, the pathogen. 

Hapless in this matter as seemingly in others, Mr. Taylor directed the county to enter the fraud and official misconduct of ignoring the law — as did Gov. Lee. The county joined the scorched-earth penal colony rule of Gov. Lee starting March 12, 2020, without dissent by Mayor Jim Coppinger under Mr. Taylor’s legal guidance. For 23 months the county has subjected its people to lethal medical products — untested, merely authorized by FDA, DNA altering mRNA genetic treatment. Reports of 1,006 deaths in the mass disaster capitalist fraud indicate the statewide death toll at 100,600 people, with numbers of deaths unknown here.

Dr. Michael Metcalfe, the medical examiner, has made no report and ignored his statutory duty. Like the county commission, county insiders have locked out the law and abused the people in abrogating many of their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

For the past 748 days Mr. Taylor has been defending the county against my petition in equity and for writ of mandamus for fraud and mass harm — and personal harm to me, including economic ruin.

’Good ole boy system”

Mr. Wamp’s reasonings are other than these matters, sufficient unto themselves. He is being blocked by “the good ole boy” system seen likely from different angles than than heralded in our case, which is at the gate of the supreme court on appeal. According to Chattanoogan.com, 

County Mayor Wamp said he is having to fend against “the good ole boy” system.

He said the County Commission does not understand that state law gives the county mayor the authority to appoint the county attorney – not the commission. 

County Mayor Wamp said, “The dizzying actions taken by the County Commission were not within what state law allows.”

He said he plans to hire his own attorney  – countering the commission’s pick of John Konvalinka – “a divorce attorney and strong advocate who was hired to give them the opinion they want.”

He said he would not deal with attorney Taylor or with three remaining attorneys in the office, saying, “It seems the entire office is conflicted.”

County Mayor Wamp said of the commission, “I was somewhat stunned by their vicious protection of the status quo.”


He claimed that the Taylor office in the past had been used “for personal business,” including case referrals from probate court. He also said the Taylor office had “shockingly destroyed a tremendous number of records.”

Mr. Wamp says he needs a county attorney “who is aligned in spirit with what I’m trying to do.”

The county commission on Wednesday insisted on keeping Mr. Taylor, who has been county attorney nearly 30 years. County Commissioners Side With Rheubin Taylor; Hit Weston Wamp For “Unilateral” Action To Fire County Attorney; Pass Resolution Blocking Firing” is the headline in Chattanoogan.com.

Attorney Taylor has been in involved in refusing to allow residents, citizens and others to record legal papers with the register’s office. I was thwarted in my bid in 2018 to make Tennessee transportation administrative notice a matter of public record in Hamilton County. Mr. Taylor and register Mark Gravitt conspired to block my intentions, and those of other people, corruptly.

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