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Justices deny CV-19 fraud case against Gov. Lee

Gov. Bill Lee, center left, visits Motlow College in Tullahoma Oct. 19. (Photo governor’s office)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Saturday, Oct. 22, 2022 – The Tennessee supreme court in an unsigned one-page order denies my petition for equity and writ of mandamus in my bid to throw back the administrative biosecurity emergency state created by Gov. Bill Lee in March 2020.

David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

The order rejects a petition for a hearing in the court overseen by five justices. The order also denies a motion for reconsideration of two denials of motions for the judges to disqualify and recuse themselves for bias, prejudice and interest in the case. 

Chief justice Roger Page, who ordained this reporter’s arrest for attending an illegally secret judge conference, meets with attorneys at a social event. (Photo administrator of the courts)

All but one of the judges joined in the fraud brought by Gov. Lee on March 12, 2020, in his executive order for creating a state of emergency, followed 21 days later by his “safer at home” executive order to “lock down” the entire citizenry and put its men, women and children under house arrest without cause.

The state of emergency is official misconduct and a felony. My case — in the courts 747 days until I was tossed Wednesday (Oct. 19) — invoked the power of the judicial branch to thwart his overthrow of the constitution and the bill of rights. State ex rel David Jonathan Tulis v. Bill Lee, governor, et al E2021-00436-SC-R11-CV, seeks to have the law enforced and obeyed, or for Lee to show cause as to his actions, or to be compelled to uphold his oath of office.

Gov. Lee — and a local official, Becky Barnes of the Hamilton County health department — frivolously argue they don’t have “any duty” (italics in original) to obey the law (or see to it that it be obeyed by agents) or have discretion to abrogate the entirety of Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-5-104, the infectious disease statute with six duties. Namely among them, to identify the agent of contagion, the pathogen by having it isolated in a “determination.” No isolate exists for the so-called Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2, a project from the secret corporate and university world of biowarfare weapons design and gain-of-function genetic tinkering.

Ripple effect of mass fraud

The courts’ neglect of justice has brought to date 1,006 death reports in Tennessee via VAERS, the federal vaccine adverse event reporting system. As 1 in 100 cases or fewer are reported there, it’s fair to say Lee and his judicial cohorts — and lackeys in every town and county — have killed 100,600 people with the test inoculations lacking approval and testing. Harms reports are 12,889 people, meaning 1.28 million injuries, a seventh of the population in state of Tennessee.

The court’s order contains no legal reasoning that might provide me with a ledge or limb upon which to stand to make an appeal. Two justices must vote “yes” on a petition for the cause to be heard. It’s possible there is no basis in constitution or law as to why the petition is denied and the court of appeals upheld — and the orders of unjust judge Pamela Fleenor in chancery court upheld.

The state of emergency officially ended November 2021. Standing today in the high court’s order is architecture for tyranny and the rollout of future totalitarian abuses of the kind brought against the people by governments in the erstwhile Covid pandemic. The court leaves in place a twisty pretzel-like ruling by court of appeals judge Skip Frierson and two colleagues that strips away the power of the mandamus remedy for which I sued. It does so by attaching to that extraordinary citizens’ weapon a requirement for standing that makes it nigh impossible to use. 

Fraud and fraud on the court (by the judges) have been persistent themes in my filings. Fraud is accepted, subsidized and elevated in state of Tennessee, and justice and equity are trampled.

It is highly important that “we decline to deem the application for permission to appeal frivolous.” The court refuses to give justice in this case asking existential questions about Tennessee government or to give any reasoning behind it denial; but it allows that the issues raised are serious and substantial.

The courts in Tennessee, thus, commit to the overthrow of constitutionally guaranteed rights reserved by the people in their charter covenant to create a government and state. The courts, rather than jealously guarding the balance of power and authority, allow the executive branch to legislate emergency measures and seize lawmaking power under pretended emergency. Back in March 2020, the supreme court was not gulled and deluded by a governor who made it victim; no, it was co-conspirator.

My tack was to find state actors’ first mistake. That was their ignoring T.C.A. § 68-5-104’s determination requirements. No matter that law is disobeyed. The supreme court’s ruling declares its allegiance to the globalists’ Great Reset, a series of controlled demolitions necessary to aid the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda, among policy goals wargamed and previously announced as “roadmaps.”

Key lessons to learn

I have prosecuted this case on my own, doing all the legal research and study, aided by remarkable “gnomes,” as I call them, who counsel and advise and review. I have them to thank, particularly one man I’ve not met personally and whose face I’ve not seen, Hal Anthony, who runs a remarkable Sunday 3 p.m. EST webcast called Behind the Woodshed on Real Liberty Media, exploring the best means by which to fight the totalitarian administrative state. The expert in mining law and due process has put in hundreds of hours — as an act of free grace and mercy, unremunerated — on my behalf. A key insight from Mr. Anthony, worth repeating, is that most of what happens by way of warfare against the people is based on unrebutted legal presumption.

Our analysis in the case has been that Lee and Barnes acted with police power without a lawful cause, legal basis, warrant or “nonfraudulent exigency” in their their emergency and seizure (arrest) of the entire economy and the people of Tennessee — all 7 million of us.

Except for my two press outlets — the TNtrafficticket blog and the four-station NoogaRadio Network in Southeast Tennessee — my case suffers under blackout as a disreputable counter-narrative to “safe and effective.” That means only a trickle of financial and other support to me, personally, doing all the work defying the financial and political establishment. 

My crowdfunding platform is at GoFundMe.

Our options? The U.S. supreme court. I plan to draft a petition for writ of certiorari on numerous federal issues that we’ve packed into all our filings from Day 1. There must be substantial federal questions and also division among the circuit courts of appeal on the issues raised before the cause would be taken. I would rate the chances of raising the proper issues and getting accepted are 0.001 percent.

I have relied on the providence of God in this adventure, and on the prayers of a few people. Altogether private donors have given me more than F$10,000 to cover court costs and my personal expenses accrued in not pursuing a living in radio sales. To them, my thanks. My continuing defeats are a picture of the humiliation God is bringing upon our state and country, that injustice is being meted out against us justly for our sins as a belligerent nation with a people overlorded by a wicked federal magistracy and her Christian church misled by its erstwhile shepherds who reject God’s laws.

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