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Citizen has duty to tell examiner of CV jab death, law says

Hamilton County sessions court judge Gary Starnes, left, speaks with Tennessee supreme court chief justice Roger Payne. Judge Payne oversees a court system that ordered me arrested Nov. 6, 2021, in Franklin after I asserted my right to attend a judicial conference, and that has predisposed itself to block my lawful petition for equity and writ of mandamus to halt mass state fraud against the people in the purported “Covid-19” fraud and wealth-transfer project. (Photo administrative office of the courts)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Sunday Feb. 20, 2022 — Do you know someone who died unexpectedly, a person otherwise in good health? Did that man or woman take the Covid-19 jab?

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9 FM

Such a death is required by law to be reported to the county medical examiner under Tennessee law.

In Hamilton County, the medical examiner of Dr. James Metcalfe, whom when I attempted to visit him Friday was busy in the morgue, examining corpses.

That is his job — look at bodies and determine the cause of death.

Global reports of jab harm

Around the world reports are floating up of bizarre sudden deaths of people who have been duped into getting the Big Pharma experimental product, a shot that converts every person into a spike protein factory. The spike protein is not conducive to good health, nor to life.

Corpses are revealing more and more about what state and local governments have refused to admit. That the government has sponsored a mass casualty event by getting panicked by pandemic propaganda — Gov. Lee entirely ignored the communicable disease law in Tennessee that would have guided him — and being induced to “save” their populations by purveying mass product consumption with strong elements of coercion and deception.

Peter Schirmacher. University of Heidelberg

Peter Schirmacher, the director of the Pathological Institute of the University of Heidelberg, has carried out more than 40 autopsies on people who died within two weeks of receiving a Covid-19 vaccine and has expressed alarm over his findings. He says 30 percent to 40 percent of those whose corpses lay in front of him died from the vaccine, an amount he says is “underestimated.”

Dr. Schirmacher says more autopsies should be conducted.

Following his findings, Schirmacher has called for more autopsies of vaccinated people to further determine whether the vaccines are linked to deaths. He has warned that the high number of unreported cases of vaccination deaths is partially due to the fact that “pathologists do not notice anything about most of the patients who die after and possibly from a vaccination.” They died from conditions such as ​ cerebral vein thrombosis or autoimmune diseases.

“In response to critics, Schirmacher denied a lack of competence, stating: ‘The colleagues are definitely wrong because they cannot assess this specific question competently.’ Additionally, the director said that he is not trying to fearmonger and is not opposed to vaccinations, as he himself has received the jab,” according to a press report.

‘Any person having knowledge’

The medical examiner is not organized under police powers, but those of public health, “ because suspicious, unusual, or unnatural deaths may be the first sign or symptom of a public health threat that could affect us all,” Dr. Metcalfe’s department website says.

Let me restate the law to show you that you are obligated as a citizen or resident in Tennessee to report to Dr. Metcalfe the death of someone who dies shortly after being victimized by the county health department.

Here is the short version. Dr. Metcalfe has to open up corpses of CV-19 jab recipients to check hearts, blood vessels, brains — but you “having knowledge” of this person’s death must place an immediate phone call. I delete material to show you that the law applies to you, and is intended to be obeyed by you. ‡

Any *** person having knowledge of the death of any person *** when in apparent health, *** deaths believed to represent a threat to public health, *** deaths in any suspicious/unusual/unnatural manner, found dead, *** shall immediately notify the county medical examiner[.]

§ 38-7-108. Death; suspicious circumstances

Below, in the footnotes, a full version of the provision in Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 38. ‡‡  Notice, the duty is on moms and dads, people in all occupations, people who work for government or employees of private businesses. People rich and poor, educated or not. 

To bring the county to its senses, it takes people like you to report on a jab recipient who dies ‘when in apparent health.”

Fraud is theme of county project

Covid-19 “pandemic” is a fraud and an intentional disaster capitalism abrogation of civil liberties in Tennessee and globally. If you  believe all the evidence for this project, and if you see the powerful effect of two years of intense propaganda, it is up to you and me to bring report to Dr. Metcalfe and to demand an investigation.

Sabrena Smedley is a county commission member running for county mayor in the GOP primary emanating assurances that nothing amiss happened in the Tennessee “Covid-19” project starting March 12, 2020.

Once you make that report and demand, it is important to follow up and to inform me of the interaction.

Dr. Metcalfe has refused a proper open records request, the remedy of which may be a resubmission or a lawsuit in chancery court. He has not contacted me when I left my card at his office in a visit requesting to meet him. I believe he objects to my inquiry and that he doesn’t want in any way to consider the county’s public health project a harm.

The Hamilton County shots have afflicted 200,000 people — they are experimental. And there hasn’t been a first ill effect? Not a first one?

Hamilton County commission, with nine elected officials, denies there is anything to be concerned about, and ignores my Sept. 30, 2021, remonstrance and petition that details the demands of 100-plus residents for reform and for an immediate halt to the shots.

The health department is in admitted violation of T.C.A. § 68-5-104 that that requires a determination be made as to the cause and origin of the flulike symptoms dubbed Covid-19 and SARS-CoV-2 in the media and the medical literature.

As a matter of law, fraud at the origin of any enterprise, project or program spreads fraud across the entire body of activity. 

This investigative reporter gives a vigorous attack on the superstructure of fraud and abuse in Tennessee, a joint venture between Gov. Bill Lee and the judicial branch. David Tulis is doing is own law work in this case, and appreciates your financial support of the cause of liberty in Tennessee.


‡ I propose that this law is in no way enforceable, so it appeals to people’s sense of public duty and civic virtue. The Tennessee code is applicable to two groups of people, generally speaking: people accused in criminal or civil court, or people who obtain a privilege for an occupation, calling, trade or activity.

‡‡ Any physician, undertaker, law enforcement officer, or other person having knowledge of the death of any person from violence or trauma of any type, suddenly when in apparent health, sudden unexpected death of infants and children, deaths of prisoners or persons in state custody, deaths on the job or related to employment, deaths believed to represent a threat to public health, deaths where neglect or abuse of extended care residents are suspected or confirmed, deaths where the identity of the person is unknown or unclear, deaths in any suspicious/unusual/unnatural manner, found dead, or where the body is to be cremated, shall immediately notify the county medical examiner or the district attorney general, the local police or the county sheriff, who in turn shall notify the county medical examiner. The notification shall be directed to the county medical examiner in the county in which the death occurred.

§ 38-7-108. Death; suspicious circumstances


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