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Local moof pols fail at key point, guilty of whole

Robin Smith, left, is a state representative from Chattanooga. Tax assessor Marty Haynes is at right. (Photo Robin Smith)
Sen. Bo Watson of Chattanooga speaks at a local event. Republican Gov. Bill Lee is abrogating the constitution since March 12, 2020, and has suffered little blowback from fellow party members such as Sen. Watson. (Photo Robin Smith)

For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.

— James 2:10

People in the Chattanooga area may be proud to live “in a free country” and have good, solid, conservative officials such as Sen. Bo Watson, Rep. Robin Smith, Commissioner Greg Martin in elected office.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

But few local elected officials are real patriots and fighters for liberty when it is suppressed. They’re moofs, chin diaper wearers and promoters. They’re not real defenders of “conservative” things such as family, church, small business and the right to travel and communication.

How so? They failed to protect the people starting March 12, 2020, when Gov. Bill Lee declared a health emergency absent the governor’s or the departments of health making a determination of the cause or agent of contagion of the erstwhile CV-19 virus.

The governor said, “The sky is falling! The sky is faling!” They did not poke their heads outside to check, and for more than a year the people have been forced to carry and wear “sky is falling” umbrellas. These so-called “lawmekers” could have looked at their constitutions, seen mass violations of the people’s rights, and looked to the law to see if Gov. Lee was really obeying it because the operation of law does no harm. Gov. Lee wasn’t.

A simple search of key words such as “epidemic” or “quarantine” would have led them to the law controlling epidemic management, the use of quarantine power.  That law is Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-5-104.

I found it in 10 minutes.

I spent weeks reading the law and watching ruin all around me in Chattanooga. A witness of personal and mass harm at the hands of lawbreakers, I filed suit Oct. 2 as a private citizen, representing the state.

Rep. Smith and Sen. Todd Gardenhire, however, are more than private citizens. They are elites, elected to represent the whole of the people and those living in their districts. Seeing great harm, they failed to fight within the law or our defense. 

They may be law-keeping elected officials on every front. They may have voted rightly on bills, or on resolutions. But as they have failed to protect the people from abuse of executive branch power, they have failed in all. They have not acted in unison to jealously protect the people from administrative fiat in the pretended “health emergency” that lacks a nonfraudulent exigency or communicable disease necessity.

‘Shall remain forever inviolate’

They failed in the most significant test and controversy in the past 50 years, and so rightly should be understood as being unreliable and untrustworthy. Their unwillingness to fight becomes clear when reading a catch-all provision in the Tennessee constitution that sums up the claim of the bill of rights in defense of the people as against the state and its agents.

Section 16. The declaration of rights hereto prefixed is declared to be a part of the Constitution of the state, and shall never be violated on any pretense whatever. And to guard against transgression of the high powers we have delegated, we declare that everything in the bill of rights contained, is excepted out of the general powers of the government, and shall forever remain inviolate.

Article 11, section 16 (emphasis added)

They have left the people defenseless to the state, and among 6.8 million Tennesseans few have had a real idea of how to defend their rights. Those who have been arrested for not wearing chin diapers after being bellowed at by a store manager have, I believe, not been counseled as to a proper defense, or had means of pursuing a defense in court and so overturn a conviction in the court of criminal appeals.

So, the “crisis” is being given a Fourth of July holiday break, and the people have universally succumbed, helpless when facing the next round.

It goes without saying the delegation in Nashville deserves ouster. The conservatives who seek re-election won’t be held accountable, and will be able to count on votes of wounded patriots making a recovery.

You have a defense to offer for yourself. The concept of keeping off false claims upon your liberty is boiled down to a single demand:

I don’t deny the common cold. But show me where I am a contagious principle, a threat to the public or a danger to others by operation of law — show where I have been determined by due process to be a risk to the public.

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