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Delta gives Barnes chance to repent, backtrack on CV-19 harms

This graphic gives an idea of the damage done to Americans by the drug and vaccine industry in the CV-19 scam, panic and overthrow.
Becky Barnes at one of many press conferences held to market illegal suppression of American life by arbitrary and capriciouis rules and its supposed savior — the CV-19 experimental shot. (Photo health department)

It is a thing to be regretted (and prevented, if possible) that a whole nation should be ruined for the pride and obstinacy of its princes. Salus populi suprema lex — To consult the welfare of the people is the first law.

— Matthew Henry, commenting on Exodus 10, the locusts

The rise of the erstwhile Delta version of CV-19 is rattling the head of the county health department, Becky Barnes, who persists 496 days with Gov. Bill Lee in a mass fraud and harm upon the people who pay her wages.

The prospect for the people in Hamilton County is more of what they endured at the hands of lawbreaking officials in 2020 who in concert with the GOP and Democratic parties overthrew the legal order in Tennessee and abrogated the state’s supreme law — the constitution.

The so-called “variant” is gaining, and to Mrs. Barnes’ chagrin, no more than 42 percent of the people in the county have taken the CV-19 DNA-altering serum, each shot bearing 4 trillion spike proteins, according to Dr. Charles Hoffe of Canada.

“It leaves a high percentage of the population vulnerable,“ Mrs. Barnes says. “Unvaccinated individuals have no defense against the Delta variant, and those that are partially vaccinated are less vulnerable but not robustly protected. Fully vaccinated people are highly protected against the Delta variant.”

Mrs. Barnes has admitted fraud in chancery court in a case lodged there 201 days under the mismanagement and contortions of Judge Pamela Fleenor, who identified herself as a participant and advocate of the state of emergency that closed the court system despite chief justice Jeff Bivins’ claim the system would “protect core constitutional processes and rights.”

The lawsuit is notice to her, no less than the state law that she claimed she is authorized to ignore in the exercise of “discretion.” The right Hon. Fleenor, in Mrs. Barnes’ defense, deconstructed Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-5-104, the remedy of mandamus, the rules of statutory construction and the justice long established in her venue by Robert Gibson, whose magisterial work, Gibson’s Suits in Chancery, is a bible for lawyers in matters of equity and restorative law.

 “Vaccines prevent severe illnesses and death, and it is the best way to protect our community against COVID-19,” Mrs. Barnes intones

Officials asked that unvaccinated and partially vaccinated individuals continue to wear masks and practice social distancing. Dr. Fernando Urrego of the department says it’s up to Mayor Jim Coppinger whether to reintroduce a “mask mandate.”

To a person, local elected officials have participated in the admitted violation of the law, and have not volunteered a defense of the people in their health and rights.

When will liability attach?

Mrs. Barnes and other officials directly involved in the inoculation program are civilly and criminally liable for their actions, as they are acting against the law and in open violation of its duties and limits. The question that keeps coming up is: When will liability attach?

The rollup of the mass experiment of untested and unapproved shots will smear violence, recrimination, overthrow and litigation across Hamilton County, perhaps for many years. Hospitals, medical practices and doctors have refused treatment in violation of law, and have entered the misadventure of the Great Reset with its vaccination program that in many parts of the world is turning compulsory.

The department has a program to “track” new Covid cases, but apparently no program to trak vaccine harm cases, which across the world are staggering higher.

In the U.S. 10,991 deaths are reported connected with the jabs, more than 30,000 hospitalizations, 59,402 urgent care cases, 82,535 office visits, more than 3,900 heart attacks, 1,073 miscarriages and more. Visit OpenVAERS, the website.

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