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Mom to justices: ‘Personally harmed’ by CV-19 overreaches

Zach Ulfeng, left, laughs it up with his mom, Allison, who says her children have been harmed by lawless use of state power in the supposed CV-19 state of emergency. (Photo Allison Ulfeng)
The Erik and Allison Ulfeng children of Chattanooga are Zach, 7; Adalynn, 5; Lilly, 3; and Isabella 1 (Photo Ulfeng family)

Chief Justice Jeff Bivins, I have been married to my husband for 8 years and we have four children ages 7,5,3, and 1 that I am blessed to stay home with.

By Allison Ulfeng

Pam Fleenor, chancery judge

I am writing on behalf of my children and their future. My family moved to Tennessee last May. We chose Tennessee out of all 50 states because we believed it would be the best place to raise our children.

My purpose in writing today is to urge you to reconsider David Tulis’ demand for writ of mandamus. Judge Pam Fleenor is acting unjustly as a mandamus is an emergency petition requiring instant action, especially when officials are violating the law. These laws are not to be applied upon the general population that is healthy.

My family has been personally harmed by these overreaches. In November, my son broke his arm. We were treated three times in a hospital setting without a mask. The final appointment, the hospital claimed their policies changed and would not take my sons cast off unless we put a mask on our 7 year old. My husband was willing to wear a mask, but that was not enough for the hospital and they refused medical care to my son.

Support David Tulis’ request for supreme court intervention in his mandamus case to end the CV-19 state of disaster in TN. Write to:

Chief Justice Jeff Bivins TN Supreme Court 401 7th Ave. North Nashville, TN 37219-1407 Details: https://tnt23.wpengine.com/…/urge-justices-to-give…/

We found another healthcare professional who did not force a mask on my son and had the cast removed, but it took more time away from my husband’s job and it was extremely stressful as I did not want a problem with the hospital. We had been as accommodating as we could be to the hospital. My husband took time off work to take my son because I cannot wear a mask, but the mask rules seem to change by the day.

I ask you Chief Justice Bivins, to think of the people in Tennessee who are good Americans, trying to live their lives, but are being turned into criminals because of lawless actions against healthy people. These emergency powers are an overreach and a grab at power over the public.

By constitutional law, there needs to be proof of an emergency every 30 days. This has not been done.

Please help the people of Tennessee, good Americans, who just want their lives back. I ask you to order Judge Pam Fleenor to obey the rule of law. I beg you to do what is right for our state and for the future which we leave to our children.

The Ulfeng children are creative, and Zach, Adalynn and Lilly intend to make an impression. (Photo Ulfeng family)
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