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Lococentric ideals launch Freedom County Project to restore liberty, prosperity

Avoiding chaotic rebellion, activists in several towns across the U.S. seek a peaceful restoration of order and justice at the local level through the political process and godly living. (Photo Freedom County Project)

The ideas of local economy and free markets are becoming more important amid the breakup of the U.S. behemoth and the growing dysfunction of institutions such as the Tennessee courts. It is encouraging to see thinking people across the U.S. gird up their loins for a long-term labor to relocalize their home counties and hometowns. James Howard Kunstler, in an important piece in The American Conservative, proposes a long-term era of breakdown and relocalization of American life. Read is piece, “De-Growth Will Define How We Live In The Future.” Our argument for “local economy and free markets” is, I argue, a fruit of the Christian gospel, one that encompasses the world but gives people particular care of their land, their hometown, their neighbor and their city council — lococentrism, in other words. — DJT

The Freedom County Project was started by volunteers who are regular American citizens across ten different states who desire to reform their counties into beacons of liberty in keeping with the rights bestowed on all mankind by our Creator.

By Freedom County Project /

It is completely decentralized and is not centered around any one person or leader. It is not affiliated with any political organization or campaign and does not take donations. All efforts are dependent upon the voluntary actions of participants in the project.

The project is backed by a resolute commitment to principles of freedom enacted at the local level through peaceful, lawful means of patient local activism and community involvement. We reject all forms of violence, rioting and racism. Freedom county projects are long term, inter-generational efforts with the goal of realizing freedom and human flourishing to the glory of the God.

Why the Freedom County Project?

Certain liberties are expressed well enough in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. All are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. America has not always lived up to those ideals yet many share in the hope that we would move ever closer as time marches on. However, with consistent and pervasive tyranny in effect across America, it is clear that for all kinds of Americans, true freedom is out of reach.

Governments at all levels have snatched our liberties from under every rock and crevice. Loopholes and flagrant violations of personal liberty have been commonplace. The abuses continue to increase in their recklessness and brazenness.

Unelected government agencies have sent swarms of officers to harass and abuse Americans at every turn with endless administrative laws and regulations which fly in the face of the protections the Constitution was supposed to establish. Regardless of which political party is in power, these violations of liberty continue unabated. Whatever degree of freedom Americans enjoyed in the past has eroded beyond the tipping point.

To that end, it falls to the grassroots movements of freedom loving Americans to secure their God given rights. This is not to embrace a chaotic rebellion, but the peaceful restoration of order and justice at the local level through the political process at the grassroots level.

Freedom Counties have a patient, long term, and inter-generational vision. They are committed to peacefully restoring freedoms in all areas of life for all people, but there are several areas of especially pressing importance. Many of these issues are closely intertwined and where liberty is diminished in one area, the imminent danger to other liberties is in jeopardy. Any effort which ignores any of these areas will not last so there must be unity on at least these issues.

Any wishing to lead a freedom county project must hold a firm commitment to these principles. Many often forget what freedom really is and there are some who simply do not want it. For the rest of us, welcome to the freedom county project!

Localism, county rights, & the rule of law

Liberty in society is based upon the rule of law, not the whim of the mob or a king. Rights are not granted by governments or rulers or even by the simple majority of the populace. They are bestowed on us by our creator. Therefore, no government and no society has any moral license to remove these rights, to do so is a claim to divinity.

At times throughout American history, and throughout the world, rulers and nations have determined to remove the rights of citizens through the imposition of tyranny and lawlessness disguised as “law”.

These lawless decrees are commonly phrased in flowery language designed to detract from their true tyrannical characteristics. In reality these are no more than the antics of the school yard bully willing to enforce their will with brute force. In order for there to be liberty there must be clear limits placed on the civil government.

The most important limit upon civil government is localism, and localism is the basis of county rights. County rights are based upon the principle that the power of the civil government should be decentralized. Local civil magistrates should be held directly accountable to the people whom they serve and should interpose on their behalf when outside rulers seek to impose tyranny.

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