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‘Unit price’ for state-trafficked child

This government document shows how much money state-trafficked children bring to various parties and state clients. (Photo Connie Reguli)

This photo of a government manual sent by Nashville attorney Connie Reguli shows that a for-profit company gets F$41,832 a year for normal foster placement.

That’s F$3,400 a month per child. The foster family or person who cares for a foster child gets about F$800 to F$1,200 tax free of that money as a stipend.

“So the mercenaries profit F$2,200 per month per kid,” says Mrs. Reguli, who fights such battles in court. “F$672,000 in foster care — do the math. Intensive foster is F$99,466 per year per child. Intensive residential. $325,527 per year per child — taxpayer money,” she says. “Our money. Cash for kids.”

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