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Abuse at Erlanger rises from unjust judge Fleenor OK’ing fraud

Erik and Allison Ulfeng of Chattanooga are being abused in their liberties by state and local officials, with approval of chancery court judge Pamela Fleenor. (Photo Allison Ulfeng)
Chancery court judge Pamela Fleenor and local notable J.B. Bennett. (Photo Fleenor page on FB)

Allison Ulfeng tells how her husband is at Erlanger children’s hospital to have a son’s cast removed.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

“They chased my husband down the hall and called security when he walked past the check in table,” she says. “So, Erik did the temperature check and was going to wear a mask. Then they refused to see my son Zach unless we put a mask on him. My husband refused and so they left.

Mrs. Ulfeng has always been anxious about hospitals, which are known for enabling the theft of children by state and county officials.

“We can take the cast off ourselves, I suppose, but I really was praying for no issues with the hospital. I just don’t want a visit from CPS or the police.”

The harassment of the family is enabled by the most important person in Tennessee today, and that is chancery court judge Pamela Fleenor, who has refused to act lawfully to issue a writ that will end the fraud of Gov. Bill Lee’s state of emergency, launched March 12, or 285 days ago. 

81 days of irreparable damage to public

For 81 days Judge Fleenor, a Republican whose eight-year term expires in 2022, has had a petition for writ of mandamus before her.

It is a peremptory petition, an emergency petition that must be acted upon within days, as it alleges continuing irreparable harm by Gov. Lee and health boss Becky Barnes, who are in brazen violation of the key statute regulating epidemics and contagious outbreaks. That law, Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 68-5-104, requires a determination be made of the causal agent, the agent of contagion, of any outbreak, as well as a diagnosis and the finding of a first case in each county to establish an epidemic.

Health bureaucrats and the governor reject these duties. The officials are operating fraudulently, with continuing use of the PCR technique, dubbed a test, that does not make any diagnosis of any individual’s condition. Misuse of the test creates the numbers climb and the media-promoted sense of fear, dread and panic — all needed to create buy-in by the gullible.

Judge Fleenor refuses to act, refuses to explain foundation or rationale for any of her orders against me, despite repeated demands by me, the relator (I represent the state of Tennessee in the complaint and all the pleadings). She has set a hearing 20 days out for Jan. 11 on motions, including Gov. Lee’s motion to dismiss on technical grounds.

Gov. Lee and Mrs. Barnes, in taking the procedural route in their defense, essential demur on — or admit — the facts I allege in my complaint. That being fraud and violation of state law.

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