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Mom fights to get driver license without CV-19 muzzle

Rachel Tiarks and her family, refugees from Illinois, visit Christ Reformed Church in Soddy-Daisy, Tenn. She is with pastor Britt Watson, left, her husband, Jonan, and her children. (Photo David Tulis)

I got a driver’s license without a mask. CAN I TELL YOU WHAT A HASSLE THAT WAS.

The local office of Department of Safety and Homeland Security said, “NO exemptions are allowed.”

By Rachel Tiarks

I called the mayor’s office.

“I am new to Tennessee,” I said. “I would like to get a license — but I have an exemption and am being told I will not be allowed into the facility.”

The woman on the phone apologized that that happened and said they should accept me into the facility. She put me on hold, and called the Bonny Oaks facility. I hadn’t said anything particular about my claim to exemption.

She came back and gave me a Department of Safety and Homeland Security manager’s name and said if I was questioned to let the DOSHS worker know I had called county Mayor Jim Coppinger’s office, that I’m allowed in and to ask for the manager — they would be expecting me.

So I went and waited in a line about 11 people deep outside. They were enforcing masks, temp checking — the whole nine yards. When I got close enough to the building, a woman asked where my mask was.

“I have an exemption,” I said.

She sighed. “OK, bring me your exemption documentation.”

“I don’t have any documentation,” I said. “The mayor’s office said I need to speak to the manager if I am questioned.”

‘Everyone stared at me’

She rolled her eyes and went inside.

Then she came back out and was rude and loudly questioning me about my exemption and if there was anything I could cover my face with and I said no there is nothing I am comfortable covering my face with. She then sent out another Department of Safety and Homeland Security lady — by who I also felt slightly bullied.

They were all speaking so loudly. Everyone waiting stared at me.

I honestly didn’t care. Freedom matters more to me. But they did not handle it well.

The department would have to clear the building for me to come inside, she said. “You need to go around to the side and wait outside by the door,” she said.

So I did — with my four small children traipsing after me. We stood another 15 minutes. She came out to get my paperwork. Another 10 minutes or so went by.

She came back out, and told me to come inside. They had not emptied out the place. There was still plenty of people inside. I had my picture taken, then I signed the little pad and took the vision test.

Get this — you have to smash half your face against this vision test box and there was no sign of it being sanitized. So people have masks on, gloves, they are taking temperatures before you come in, treating the people like everyone of them has the plague. Yet Covid-19 is not an issue when doing the vision part of the exam. The logic — ?

So that was my experience. What a joy.

Rachel Tiarks safely behind the wheel of her family minivan. (Photo David Tulis)
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