Activist and Chattanooga city council candidate Marie Mott says the county courts building is a processing center for police enforcement victims apart from its duty to justice. (Photo David Tulis)

On two occasions I have spoken with “onsite leaders” of the Black Lives Matter protestors that have set up a tent across from Tennessee Capitol Building, on what used to be Charlotte Avenue and is now Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

By John Gentry / John Gentry for State Senate

Both times I spoke with them, they were literally on the edge of their seats, listening to my every word, giving me their rapt attention.

I respectfully told them that their method of “protest” is not in proper form.

I told them they had a right to be heard by any power of the government, including the Tennessee General Assembly BY ADDRESS OR REMONSTRANCE, as a protected right in Tennessee Constitution Article I, Section 23.

I showed them the announcement of my remonstrance before the entire seated House of Representatives in YouTube video,

Protests can readily be ignored

John Gentry walks the halls of the general assembly in Nashville, trying to get house and senate clerks and speakers to obey the rules on petitions of remonstrance. (Photo John Gentry)

I told them all citizens have a right to address the powers of the government by address or remonstrance, including each of them individually if aggrieved, or as a group of citizens.

I told them their current method of protest does not have to be considered, but a proper protest in remonstrance, a proper protest by address or remonstrance must be considered and decided.

I told them to state their facts, make their argument about what was wrong, and state the specific redress they wanted.

The first time, I was assured that this matter would be “brought to the attention of their attorneys.”

The second time I almost started a riot.

The second time, I went down to the capitol to shoot a video in front of the Tennessee Supreme Court, but it was a Saturday, and the street had barriers erected blocking entry. So I went over to the Capitol steps, where there was also a barrier to the capitol steps. I waved to the state troopers above, but they would not come to me. Undaunted, not thinking it was any big deal, I stepped around the barrier and proceeded up the steps to talk to the troopers above.

I informed the troopers of my intent to shoot a video, that I am a candidate for state senate, and asked their “permission” to step inside the barrier so I could make my video. One of the troopers in charge asked for my ID, and called into his superior but I was denied “permission.” Not a big deal, I will make that video another time.

Right of remonstrance — big news

While I was taking to the troopers though, all the protestors ran across the street, incited that I could cross the barrier but they could not. A couple of troopers rushed past me, to go control the situation because some of the protestors were doing as I did and walking around the barrier.

As I was leaving, they swarmed me asking if could cross the barrier because I was white. I calmed them down pretty quickly, told them I was denied entry just as they were.

I then started to tell this new group of protestors about the right of remonstrance and I immediately had their full rapt attention.

Three of them invited me to sit down with them in the air-conditioned lobby of the nearby Sheraton Hotel which invitation I accepted. These three, all young and appearing to me under thirty years of age, one white male, one Asian female, one black female, all appeared to me very intelligent, and were all very polite, and extremely good listeners.

Again, they gave me their rapt attention for about 40 minutes as I educated them about the right of remonstrance, including the history of this right, and the duty of government to consider and decide.

‘We’ll have to run that by our attorney’

The two female protestors left after my presentation, but the young white male stayed, and wanted to learn more. Repeatedly he asked if I would come speak to their group, and I repeatedly assured him I would welcome the opportunity.

He then stated to me that he would “run everything I told him, by their ATTORNEYS”. I then informed him he should not trust attorneys, and that attorneys do not want citizens to know that they have this right. I then told him about how the legal profession has transformed our courts largely into what is now a corrupt racketeering enterprise. (BTW, that is what my video was to be about that day.)

He told me that the protestors were dependent upon the attorneys to defend those who had been arrested, and that he would need to “run everything I told him, by their ATTORNEYS”.

I told him that the fact that I had this very same conversation with one of his colleagues not two weeks earlier, and the further fact that he knew nothing of remonstrance after that first conversation, is prima facia evidence that it is ATTORNEYS who do not want people to know about the right of remonstrance.

I also allowed that young man to type his email address into my phone and I emailed him links to website and YouTube channel. Apparently, the email address was valid because the email was not returned undeliverable. He said he would follow up with me. He did not. A couple days ago, I sent a follow up email to him and did not receive a response.

Attorneys enemy of liberty, oppose reform

ATTORNEYS do not want citizens to know they have the right of remonstrance, because our corrupt judiciary and legal profession have placed themselves as the sole source of justice, and if you want “justice” from them, you will only get “justice” as they decide to provide you, and only if you pay them a lot of $$$.

ATTORNEYS in black robes, aka judges, don’t want citizens to know about this right because remonstrance is the proper method to deal with corrupt judges and hold them accountable.

Clearly ATTORNEYS are supporting BLM protestors, and when educated about the proper method of protest by address or remonstrance, ATTORNEYS suppress or oppress that right.

Interesting to note further fact of Ivy League white attorneys in NY were captured in photo throwing Molotov Cocktails.

So all of this further begs the questions in my mind.

Are unscrupulous ATTORNEYS organizing BLM? Who but attorneys have the organizational skills and deep pockets to organize coordinated protests across the entire nation? Since ATTORNEYS clearly oppress the right of remonstrance, but support protestors then to what purpose? Is it to divide our nation? Is it to create conflict for the purpose of generating attorney fee revenue of new cases arising from the protests? Are these young people being used and are they being played? If so, does this type organization have the same characteristics of a cult?

One thing I know for sure, these young people were so EXCITED to learn about the right of remonstrance, but take no steps to gather signatures or tender a remonstrance in proper form to the powers of the government, and that disturbs me.

John A Gentry, CPA. Constitutional Republican, Campaigning as Independent State Senate: District 18 Sumner & Trousdale Counties

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