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Courthouse protest rips ‘order’ to wear masks in public

Children take part in a demonstration affirming individual rights as against a county “mask order.” (Photo David Tulis)
Kristina Charles is organizer of the Sunday protest at the county courthouse in Chattanooga. (Photo David Tulis)
This nurse says ask her why masks are no good, and even harmful to the wearer. (Photo David Tulis)
Carol Gaddy of Dayton, left — she is a noted local booster of constitutional government — joins in protest against state edicts on CV-19. (Photo David Tulis)
Peter Buyno takes the microphone against compulsory mask rules and other state abuses. (Photo David Tulis)
A drizzle dampens a demonstration against county CV-19 compulsions in Hamilton County that draws about 70 people. (Photo David Tulis)
These children from Christian families make note of the origins of rights: From God himself, “and you can’t take them away.” (Photo David Tulis)

Anger at a Hamilton County decree that all people where chin diapers in public prompts 70 area people to gather in the rain Sunday In front of the county courthouse in Chattanooga.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

“We don’t need the government to tell me I need extra protection I’m not seeing,” says one man in a lineup of speakers. “I’ve been around, living for 45 years, I’m still here, I’m raising my kids for years, we’re all in good health, they’re straight-A students, I’ve done my job, and I do my job. I do not need the government to tell me what to do to protect my health.”

He says conflicting information abounds, even from government, and it keeps changing the rules, and so cannot be trusted to protect individuals and families.

More than one speaker condemns the agenda of allowing doctors and moms to kill their babies, but presenting itself as holy savior of the public health with the CV-19 mandates.

Peter Buyno, present with his wife Kristina and their five children, carries a sign saying 565,048 people have died with CV-19, while 22.4 million children have been slain this year by abortion. “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything,” he says. He is exercising his right “while we still have them and to speak the truth in love.”

He says masks are unhealthy, that “God didn’t create us with masks; he gave us immune systems to fight those things off, and to heal in the process.”

‘Slippery slope in many areas’

Ex-cop David Newman says he is a former police officer and says he supports and loves his government, though it is sometimes wrong, and he wants to protect the rights of the people. “We are on a slippery slope in many areas,” and the people have to take guard  to prevent further loss of liberty. 

What about remonstrance as a constitutional right? “I’ve heard of it, but I couldn’t tell you anything about it. We have a right to speak our mind and if we feel something is wrong, we should take action in that direction.”

This sign circulating on social media says all the right things — if local storekeeps would just share its generous spirit.

Anson Merriman, a contractor in the elevator trades, has been doing all family shopping outside the county since the chin diaper edict went into effect Friday. “I do not believe in the mask mandate. I do not believe in government mandating something that is not law to my body that I have to wear against my consent. So I choose to spend my cash that I work hard for in a county that does not oppress my rights.”

His sign reads, “I will not wear your fear.“

David Achten of Ooltewah carries copies of a federal law, 18 USC  242, Deprivation of rights under color of law, that prevents local authorities from acting against individual constitutionally guaranteed liberties.  Another speaker with a legal perspective says that because the mandates and directives are not law, they don’t have the force and effect of law unless one gives consent. The regime, he says, operates under implied consent.

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