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State power limited — attorney lays out your rights in CV-19 oppression

Yes,cosmetology is essential for people who need the service, this couple insists as they join 150 others on Market Street bridge in the first of Chattanooga’s two protests against CV-19 despotism. (Photo David Tulis)

No one in the federal government, state government, or local government has any authority to dictate to the general public that they must stay home or that they must suspend their business, or that they must refrain from traveling, or that they must not gather together in large groups, etc.

By Jeffrey A. Cobble / Cobble law firm, Greeneville, Tenn.

In order to prove my point, we Tennesseans need to have a little history lesson on the rights of man and the formation of governments. Please take 15 minutes or so to review the data and consider my evidence. When you’ve done that, you will be an informed citizen.

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