Tulis asks Lee to check Harmer’s listing in offender registry

Gov. Bill Lee’s prison managers operate a group call the Tennessee department of correction, whose officials have labeled Grenda Harmer a sex offender outside the scope of the law. (Photo Newschannel5)

Grenda Harmer is a noted whistleblower in TDOC custody, and was released after being coerced into signing a waiver. The waiver relinquished his right to have the state pay for medical care for conditions that emerged while incarcerated. He was told if he did not sign the waiver, the Morgan County sheriff would arrest him for trespassing and put him in the jail 30 days.

[The following is correspondence to Chis Walker, the press secretary for Gov. Bill Lee. — DJT]

Here is a link to a story posted this morning. I would like comment for a followup. https://tnt23.wpengine.com/2020/03/state-puts-whistleblower-on-sex-offender-list-to-starve-him-after-release/

A story about this waiver is here.

I was told by a Harmer friend, Jane A. of Knoxville, that Mr. Harmer is being denied any manner of care, such as shelter and physical assistance, and has no connections and no support, and is in the streets.

Mr. Harmer is my correspondent, and I believe he has been illegally tagged with the sex offender status. Note my story today —the offense for which cause he is on the registry is 1978. The Tennessee registry began in 1990. He [was] not in prison, as implied in my screengrab, for a sex offense.

I would like you to investigate this abuse of the registry and get back with me, as Mr. Harmer is my correspondent at TNtrafficticket.us and also contributes text to my show at NoogaRadio 92.7 FM, the CBS radio and Sean Hannity affiliate of which I am owner.

Please respond to this query, and assure me you will look into this press matter, Chris. Mr. Harmer cannot be tagged with the sex offender status for offense in another state prior to our law having been enacted. 
If he can, I ask, on what authority? Respectfully. etc.

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