Sun shines over Red Bank; city attorney refuses to admit TAN

Because Red Bank refuses to acknowledge receipt of transportation administrative notice, I file an affidavit of service. (Photo David Tulis)

City of Red Bank is one that refuses to recommend itself to the larger world, and deserves what up through today is a rotten reputation as a municipality, a shaggy place full of empty storefronts and indifferent residents.

I have proposed that the city interpose itself between abusive enforcement of state and federal law, and protect people traveling on its roads and streets from these abuses, starting with officers in its own police department, overseen by chief Robert Simpson.

The city attorney, Arnold Stulce, typifies the frightened sort of people who seem to run the town.

The city commission refuses to hear anyone at the commission meetings who does not reside in Red Bank or own property in the town, which means I am denied up front a chance to give my notice commentary orally and deliver notice itself (20 pp) by hard copy at the public comment section of its regular gatherings.

Mr. Stulce is refusing to acknowledge receipt of my review of state and federal law, transportation administrative notice Tennessee. Hence, the following correspondence, to secure proof of service for what I propose is a freshly re-established cause of action against police officers who operate outside the scope of Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 55, the state transportation law, and outside the scope of U.S. Code § 49, the federal transportation law.

Dear Mr. Stulce, etc. Since you decline to acknowledge receipt of transportation administrative notice on behalf of City of Red Bank, Tenn., your client, I hereby request that you notify me within 10 business days that you have not received an emailed copy of the document, sent Aug. 7 to your email address at your office at McKoon law firm in Chattanooga.

If you remain silent as to the claims of my enclosed affidavit of service, you affirm that you received my document by email, and admit that you have the administrative notice in your possession on behalf of your client.

Enclosed is a true and accurate copy of my affidavit stating that I sent you this administrative notice. If you have any rebuttal as to particulars about this administrative   notice, kindly respond by first-class U.S. mail. Respectfully yours, etc.

Here’s the text of my affidavit.

Administrative Notice as legal cover for private use of people’s roads, PDF, 20pp

Affidavit of David Jonathan Tulis

City of Red Bank, Tenn.,

Served with transportation administrative notice Aug. 7, 2018

I, David Jonathan Tulis, being of sound mind and body, testify that I am a resident of Hamilton County, Tenn., and reside at 10520 Brickhill Lane, Soddy-Daisy.

On Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018, at 10:28 a.m., I emailed a copy as an attachment of transportation administrative notice to city attorney Arnold Stulce at his law firm email address,, providing the city of Red Bank administrative notice about the scope of state and federal transportation law.

Further affiant saith not. I swear the above and foregoing representations are true and correct to the best of my information, knowledge and belief. Etc.



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