Sir, do I waive rights by filling our your form?

This woman is under authority of Title 55, motor and other vehicles, even though she is not a commercial user of the roads, according to the department of safety and local police . (Photo department of safety and homeland security)

Administrative law cannot be used to separate the people or persons from their constitutional protections (law). 

No law can be used for that purpose. The problem for the people is the means by which the government goes about to separate the people from their constitutionally guaranteed protections.

By John Ballinger

The people do not realize this is what happens when they walk into the administrative trap at which time the government takes it as consent, as a waiver of this protection. 

It is called undue influence. The so-called driver license statute Tenn. Code Ann. 55-50-301 does not say you must make application. It says, If you make application, you must etc. “If you make” tells me you are consenting to whatever

It also tells me “they assume” you know what you are doing. What they assume is you are knowingly waiving  your constitutional rights. It is a trap. You just gave away, unknowingly, any lawful protection you had to protect yourself from these administrative rats. It is a trap. It is called  undue influence.  

It might be wise, before making the application, to write the safety commissioner, Jeff Long, and ask him how you can volunteer to make the application without waiving protections the law gives you.

John Ballinger is the Gnome of Strawberry Plains, Tenn.

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