Mom of badly beaten ‘Interstate Tax’ tearfully asks for redress

Cassandra Mayes, in tears, receives comfort from friends outside the city council building after pleading for justice in the beating of her son. (Photo David Tulis)
A Christmas tree decorates the apartment of East Ridge resident Charles Deshon Toney in 2018, one he shares with Shaughnessy McClendon. the mother of his four young children. (Photo David Tulis)

The mother of a man beaten by County sheriff’s detective Blake Kilpatrick verges on tears before city council and afterwards pleads or members to console her family after her son’s abuse a year ago. 

Cassandra Maye’s begs the council to intervene and have pity on her and her family.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

“I’m just asking for somebody to do something about this beccause it has been just a nightmare for me and my family,” Mrs. Mayes says. 

“I need you all, please,” she implores. “I need you all. I need you all’s help. I’m begging — I’m asking. Please, please, help me. What I’ve been through — it’s just a nightmare. I’m just asking please for some help.It shouldn’t go unnoticed. He [is] a human being. He didn’t deserve all this.”

Try talking to county?

The mother of Charles “Interstate Tax” Tony weeps in the hallway surrounded by well wishers. She sheds more tears outside the council Franklin building on Lindsay Street.

Maurice Harris, a volunteer member of the city’s police oversight committee, takes the trouble to explain the jurisdictional details to Mrs. Mayes. City council has “deaf ears” to her because it has no jurisdiction over the Toney beating, he says. That event occurred in East Ridge. It was the fist-work of a sheriff’s deputy employed by county government, Mr. Harris says.

Mrs. Mayes says she has no information about the civil case brought by S. Lee Merritt, an out-of-town attorney who made appearances after the assault and insisted justice will be served in civil court for Mr. Toney, a father of four children and a rap musician.

A civil lawsuit was filed in U.S. district court demanding F$750,000 in damages in the Dec. 3, 2018, beating.

Charles Toney, center, listens as S. Lee Merritt, attorney, right, talks with reporters in December 2018 about a civil case against the county in a sheriff’s deputy beating of Mr. Toney. (Photo WRCB TV3)
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