Deputies arrest Parker anew for travel to local store

Gregory Parker, a man of deep principle, insists he is “not for hire,” but Sheriff Steve Wilson for the second time arrests him today, insisting Mr. Parker be in commerce in the private use of his truck, and so must have a valid driver license and display a tax receipt for using his car as a carrier for hire. (Photo David Tulis)
A club=wielding deputy of Walker County sheriff Steve Wilson stands over a man who insists he has a right to travel apart from the state privilege of driving and operating a motor vehicle. (Photo FB)

A day after Gregory Parker went into town to get copies of his earlier arrest, he is arrested at the Little Pig store near his house. He is running his smartphone, with a post recording live on Facebook. “I was all around them yesterday, and nobody stopped me.” He obtained, finally, after two court hearings, a copy the charging instruments against him. 

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

Not only had he been forced into court without knowing the charging account by the accuser, he had not obtained the service of the legal document. The instruments are defective, he has said, because they do not contain the essential elements — starting with a claim that his use of his red pickup truck is in a privileged activity.

A Walker County, Ga., sheriff’s deputy demands Gregory Parker step out of his red pickup truck because he is “driving on suspended.” (Photo FB Gregory Parker)

The FB video starts with Mr. Parker speaking to the camera. The officer is away, evidently in his car, “reading my affidavit right now,” Mr. Parker says. He says when officers read his affidavit, they usually let him go. Ones who don’t “already got their mind set that I am some kind of sovereign citizen so they go ahead and act on their own.”

The officer returns. 

Officer Here’s what’s going to happen. Lemme break it down for you. You’re going to jail.

Parker What’s your name and badge number?

Officer [Indecipherable]

Parker  What’s his name and badge number?

Sheriff Steve Wilson

Officer Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to bust this window and pull you out of this car if you don’t step out voluntarily. I don’t care if it’s your property or not. 

Parker So this is going to be under threat and duress, and coercion, right? You’re going to forceably damage my property and myself.

Officer  — what’s going to happen. Come out. I ain’t playing games. What I’m going is legal, and you can fight in court, not right here. 

Parker So what do you all think? Do you think I should make them bust it out and put more damages on me, since I already got claims against two of your officers for the same deal. You realize it’s a violation of my rights under section 1983. Do you understand that? Did you swear an oath to uphold the constitution, to uphold and defend the constitution? Have you sworn an oath to uphold and defend the constiutiton? — You have? *** You talk to me right here, like this.

Officer — If you’re not getting out of the car.

Parker  That’s not a crime

Officer You’re driving on suspended, for one thing. You don’t have a tag. *** I don’t want to bust your window. But I will if I have to. You didn’t do that last time. Last time you stepped out of the car.

Parker — Yes, because you are threatening me. Threatening to damage my property and everything else. You also told me last time, too, that I would not be able to get my vehicle back, which is my private property, my household goods, and I got it right back.

A officer stands over Gregory Parker in arresting him in Walker County. Mr. Parker insists he has liberties and freedoms, and the local constabulary doesn’t, (Photo FB).

Officer *** Pull you out of the car. How do you want it? It’s up to you. I don’t want to bust [your window] out.

Parker What you’re doing is unlawful. What I’m asking is you to stay in honor with your oath. That’s what I’m asking you to do.

Officer Please step out of the car.

Parker Are you going to do damage to my property if I do not?

Officer — damage your property. Step out of the car, sir. *** You are driving suspended. That is a crime. 

Parker Who’s the victim in that crime? 

Officer Are you going to get out of the car or not?

Parker I’m still communicating with you.

Officer. ** I’m being nice to you. Now I tell you. *** You can fight it in court if you want to.

Parker I’m asking you a question and you’re obligated to answer it, too. What crime have I committed, sir?

Officer — coming out of the car.

Parker What crime have I committed?

Officer — out of the car.

This is the deputy narrative of Gregory Parker’s earlier arrest by Walker County sheriff Steve Wilson. The accused has fought similar charges in Hamilton County, Tenn.

Parker You going to tear my shit up if I don’t?

Officer Yes, sir. 

Mr. Parker gets out of the car and is thrown to the ground. 

Parker I’m not resisting, nothing. You see how they do me?

Mr. Parker’s phone keeps recording, and before throwing it into the seat of Mr. Parker’s red pickup truck.

Officer [Talking with another officer] I’m going to do an inventory search. 

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