City-bound ‘jailhouse lawyer’ Harmer seeks used van as temp housing

People chat in front of Chattanooga city hall, wherein Mayor Andy Berke has been advised of the limits of Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 55 and asked to halt enforcement against noncommercial users of the roadways, many of whom are minorities bewildered by continuing criminal prosecution under the state trucking law misapplied to them by policy. Mayor Berke refuses obey black-letter law, but opts for Jim Crow policy. (Photos David Tulis)

Dear David, Here’s a list of my skills: carpentry, administrative work, roofing, demolition, painting, taxi driver, forklift operator. I can do whatever I’m shown because I’ve got the ability to learn quickly. I like the classified ad you made.

I’m still tired a lot and my left knee, hip and thumb are hurting still. I was finally given a strong knee brace that is helping walk much better. Nevertheless, it still does not take care of the problem. 

By Grenda Harmer

Grenda Ray Harmer, leaving prison in February

I still need the three surgeries and I’m still in a lot of pain from them not being fixed. My medication for my thyroid has been increased from 25 MG to 75 MG. It seems to help a little. It may be the doctor will have to increase it a little. 

In regards to the information regarding the license it appears to me that you are fighting two separate and distinct battles, though related, that should be fought separately. The reason I state that is quite simple. Like a country cannot fight a battle on two fronts and expect to win, neither can you expect to fight two battles on two fronts and expect to win.

The state attorneys and courts can easily loophole their way out of it.

I’m going to look at each item in a separate manner and will not put them in the same argument or, as you will, in the same line of thinking. Do understand that I’m not an attorney. I’m merely a lay person who studies the law.

I do hope the information that I recent sent you has been of a tremendous help. For example, using because l believe you stand a better chance of winning. For example, using Tennessee Rules of Civil procedure, Rule 72, will save you money on notaries. There is no sense in paying for a notary when you don’t have to pay. That rule really helps the poor person like me. 

When I get out I’ll be to see you and talk with you and talk with you about these two issues that you are engaged in . Never forget in order to make any progress you must chisel away at the mountain a little at a time. There are very few things that you can knock out in one moment of time.

David do not worry about inviting me to stay at your house. I never expected you to do that. What I’ve been trying to do, unsuccessfully so far, is to get a church to purchase a good used panel van, the extra long type. Without any windows on the sides and back doors. I can sleep in the van. The church would keep the van in its name until I have paid for it. Then the church would release it to me. That way, I’d have a place to sleep and a vehicle to drive.

David, take care of yourself, God bless you and your family, and have a wonderful Christmas holiday celebrating the birth of Christ. Sincerely (etc.)

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