How to use notice to defend your rights

A trooper harasses a traveler and blockades the parking lot of the Panera bread store in Hixson. He did not establish that his mark was a commercial user, but then the defendant in the case did not know how to insist she is not a for-hire carrier involved in shipping, freight and transportation. (Photo David Tulis)

Transportation Administrative Notice is an umbrella for minorities, the poor, immigrants. "I travel under the notice and make no statement." It says, effectively, "Get out of my face and leave me alone." People not involved in freight, shipping and transportation are not subject to the freight, shipping and transportation law, I argue.

Posted by Nooganomics on Friday, August 23, 2019

David Tulis explains how you could use his transportation administrative notice to defend yourself against criminal traffic charges and sue for damages any city or county that abuses the traffic statute and wrongfully arrests innocent people.

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