Hixson water utility injects risky chemical to save parents trip to Walgreens

Staffers at Hixson Utility Disrict raise the federal flag just before the group’s board meeting Friday in which it insisted on keeping up fluoride injections in drinking water supplies as a token of public goodwll. (Photo David Tulis)

Staffers at Hixson Utility District raise the federal flag just before the group’s board meeting Friday in which it insisted on keeping up fluoride injections in drinking water supplies as a token of its goodwill to the drinking, bathing, cooking and gardening public. (Photo David Tulis)

The refusal of the Hixson Utility District to abolish fluoride tells of the power of inertia and ability of organizations and lobbies to propagandize an official narrative over scientific dissent.

The announcement Dec. 16 is that the water board will keep the status quo and reject a popular outcry. It tells about a cozy relationship between a professional line of business — dentistry — and an ordinary utility, its handmaiden carrying balanced water buckets up an increasingly steep hill.

By David Tulis / Noogaradio 1240 AM 101.1 FM

Dr. Ken Randall was indignant at the thought that 90 percent of district customers who don’t need the chemical might force the other 10 percent to drop in at Walgreens for fluoride tablets or toothpaste.

The status quo favors a subgroup of customers. The subgroup resides within families, and constitutes its youngest members — its children.

Other customers don’t need the medical care offered by hydrofluoricilicic acid. These Hixson Utility customers would include Marshal Mize Ford, industrial concerns such as Card Monroe Corp., Northgate mall, mortuaries, delis, resale shops, Abba’s House and other churches, Planet Fitness, America’s Thrift Store, Goss Insurance, Noogaradio and many others.

Local tooth doctors support the utility’s old habit and applaud stories by board members such as Rebecca Hunter who tell a tale of well water woes during a girlhood pocked by cavities.

Dentists come off looking pretty pitted in this story. They focus on the part of the body found between chin and nose — the oral cavity, the mouth. Since that part of the human body is the intended target of fluoridation, they favor use of hydrofluorocilicic acid.

Not just in a rinse or in a brushing, but by drinking.

Dentists drill in on the oral cavity for mass care and ignore the remaining 97 percent of the human body. If it doesn’t contain tongue, teeth, gums and other such organs, dentists seem not to care about its prosperity.

To benefit 10 year olds, dentists want water companies to abuse — or risk damaging — those in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and even shriveled souls in nursing homes past 100 summers who routinely drink a glass of water from a Life Care of Hixson kitchen tap at dinner. With a hooked straw and three ice cubes.

Board members — Tennessee Commissioner of Human Resources Mrs. Hunter, attorney Jeff Davis and Ken Rich — in a frosty public meeting declined to make a vote, since they are of one mind and have not seen enough evidence to disturb the quiet drip in the locked fluoride closet at the Hixson water plant.

Cartoon thinking

Messrs. Davis and Rich and Mrs. Hunter intend to benefit small children with mass medication. But they ignore the cumulative damage in the bodies and brains of 90 percent of the utility’s other customers. What appears to clean-water proponents as hubris and presumption they view as solid leadership, going with what works and looking out for the public interest.

Indeed, the string of dentist witnesses Friday insisted on that very thing — the public interest.

Tooth doctors repeating governmental and lobbyist group support of fluoride are masters of the cartoon. They have enlarged the mouth of the patient; no longer does it occupy 20 percent of the space in the head. In their edition of Gray’s Anatomy, the mouth is 80 percent of a physical person, with brain, trunk, limbs and hair a mere 10 percent.

If fluoride were dropped, warns Dr. Ken Randall, parents who want it for their children might have to go to the store to buy it. (Photo David Tulis)

If fluoride were dropped, warns Dr. Ken Randall, parents who want it for their children might have to buy it at a store. (Photo David Tulis)

Dr. Randall is disturbed at the idea of pure water. If water were clean, people who might want fluoride would have to buy bottled fluoridated water. They would have to shop for fluoridated mouth washes, toothpaste and tablets.

“Now, are we going to consider disenfranchising the majority to go toward the needs of the needs or the requests of a few — at the potential significant expense of all these other people having to go buy a specific bottle of water, go buy a specific fluoride supplement and that kind of thing? I think we need to consider the big picture for all of our customers.”

Rationale for mass medication

Fluoridation is not legally required. But 66 percent of the board seats are retained by state actors, people who represent the continuing dominance of progressive theory over the people and against them.

And so for now in Hixson fluoride is to be imposed, because by internal compulsion we at HUD will force our benefits on all comers. From our remedies no one can escape. Fluoridation is our voluntary act, our promise of goodwill for children, and we will ignore the persistent science warnings against it.

We don the white cloak of the dental guild, prescribe this chemical for the few who are young. We courageously ignore the objections of others whom we have converted into our shared patients.

The doctors say fluoridation reduces cavities and injures their profits. Fluoride hurts them financially, but they are honorable, noble and good, willing to suffer loss if their young patients are helped since fluoride is called “safe” for everybody else. And so we at the water district trust them and join in their crusade against developmental cavities. We at Hixson Utility District, retained by them and sharing in their goals, write a wide, large prescription. We apply our dosage to many, benefiting the few, yes, those precious children whose pits “break [our] hearts,” as Dr. Elizabeth Stanford twice declared at our Friday meeting.

Hixson Utility District finds it impossible to care for our clients as individuals because we cannot. Ours is a great and public mission, a necessary service. We are not so narrow minded as to think of individuals. We view each of our 27,000 accounts as the state views its children, as a solid mass, de-individuated, undifferentiated, subject to our will; in our policing of tooth problems, no one person is visible to our high ministry because our concern is public health.

EPB doesn’t presume to deliver medical services. Neither does Comcast. Middle Tennessee Natural Gas doesn’t. Neither Tennessee Valley Authority.

We above the rest show courage. We’ve delivered mass prescription of hydrofluorocilicic acid, an industrial waste product, for decades, and we defy anyone to make us quit.

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