Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering in a nutshell: Bad news

This sky over Hixson, in Chattanooga, Sept. 11, 2014, shows the hazing out the sun, the prime objective of U.S. climate modification soupmaking.

This sky over Hixson, in Chattanooga, Sept. 11, 2014, shows the hazing out of the sun, a prime objective of U.S. climate modification soupmaking.

[I am new to the weather modification story and until recently scoffed at scattered reports about global temperature increases. But work by an American writer and researcher suggests that I was largely confused. Yes, I was skeptical of the junk science used by environmentalists and globalists at the United Nations who are anti-free market and anti-population. But I had been overlooking an important government intervention into the weather already long in progress. That program is visible almost daily in the skies over Hamilton County and Chattanooga, Tenn., my hometown. Even when no or few jet plumes are visible, we are being subjected to a dimming of the sun by policy, by aircraft overflights and the emission of reflective nanoparticulates into the air. This program is a local economy story that needs to be developed on many fronts. Solar panels generate less energy at Lovell Field and VW than they should. Painters such as Janis Wilkey no longer are able to use that blue daub on their palettes for the sky. The act of inhaling invites hazards to my health and yours. Organic farms can make few promises about vegetables blown upon by “negative emissions,” those public policy particulates that counteract other forms of pollution alleged to be overheating the planet. This essay puts the whole story in one place. I am counting on you, my reader, to bring me another reader. — DJT]

By Dane Wigington

Here is the global warming and climate change story from a fresh angle, an antidote to media coverage that has grown shrill and increasingly confusing of late. These 10 points will let you put these developments together.

1. Global aerosol spraying programs for the purpose of climate modification are being carried out from jet aircraft all over the planet each and every day. These programs are known as stratospheric aerosol geoengineeing (SAG) and solar radiation management (SRM). Every breath we take contains microscopic toxic nano particulates. Such small particles are extremely damaging to the respiratory and neurological systems and cannot be filtered out with any readily available filtration mechanisms. Nanoparticles are so small that they penetrate straight through the lung lining and go straight into the blood stream. There, they can adhere to cell receptors like a plaque, slowly but surely damaging our health and bodily functions such as the immune system. The particulates are also a platform on which fungal proliferation runs wild. Recent studies state 70%+ of all current plant and animal extinction is now caused by fungal infection.

2. The protective layers of the atmosphere, most specifically the ozone layer and the ionosphere, are being shredded by the aircraft-sprayed aerosol clouds. The program renders all life on planet earth exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. The science on “particulate clouds and their effect on the ozone layer” is very clear. Such clouds destroy ozone. Period. UV levels are already increasing dramatically around the globe (Monsanto has already engineered UV-resistant crops).

3.  SAG and SRM have very likely been major contributing factors to the current methane “planetary emergency” now occurring on the East Siberian Shelf of the Arctic. This emergency, as stated by the research scientists involved, is the massive methane expulsion from the sea floor. Methane hydrates have now reached a temperature which will no longer allow its former retention in hydrate form on the sea floor. This warming of the oceans has been fueled in large part by the spraying. Though SAG and SRM can achieve significant cooling anomalies over large areas, it comes at a cost: Far worse overall global warming. Climate engineering also changes wind currents, this in turn alters ocean currents, and now there is warm water flowing into the Arctic region from the Atlantic ocean. The gravity of this methane event can not be overstated.

4. Saturating the atmosphere with geoengineering particulates “diminishes and disperses rainfall.” Period. The excess of condensation nuclei causes moisture droplets to adhere to these nuclei and thus droplets do not combine and fall as precipitation, but continue to migrate in the form of artificial cloud cover. This is one of the reasons SAG and SRM cause devastating drought in many regions around the globe. Monsanto is engineering a long list of drought-resistant crops in response; welcome to disaster capitalism. (Devastating deluges are also connected to climate engineering as moisture that was migrated over one region comes down in a torrent somewhere else). Artificial chemically nucleated engineered snowstorms are also wreaking havoc around the globe, causing radical temperature fluctuations in short spans of time.

5. SAG and SRM are causing “global dimming” on a scale that can hardly be comprehended. Current figures are averaging in the 20% range globally, but in some areas, like Russia, the total amount of sun that now reaches the ground is some 30% less than only a few decades previous. This reduction of sunlight further amplifies the currently occurring global droughts. Sunlight is a major component of evaporation.

6.  SAG and SRM greatly reduce wind flow. Again, wind is a major component of evaporation. The science regarding aerosol clouds and their effect on wind is well documented. As convection is altered and reduced, so are wind patterns and flows.

7.  The SAG and SRM particles are “light-scattering” materials. These properties alter the light spectrum and will likely cause many, and as of yet unknown, negative effects on all life forms. Blocking out the sun alone is of extreme concern regarding photosynthesis, but when one considers the fact that the light which does get through the toxic particulates is in altered wave form, the concern is much greater still. Statistically 98 percent of the U.S. population is vitamin D deficient, yet another likely result of “global dimming” and the altered light form now reaching the surface of our planet.

8. Our air, soils, and waters are being systematically poisoned day in and day out and thus sterilized by the highly toxic fallout from SRM and SAG spray programs. The totality of damage already caused by this fallout cannot be quantified.

9.Bioavailable” aluminum, now in nearly every drop of rain falling around the globe, is very harmful to most plant life. When the organisms detect the contamination, they shut down nutrient uptake to protect their DNA. This can cause a very slow and protracted death of the organism. The effects of “bioavailable aluminum” are also well documented. Again, a point of interest is the fact that Monsanto is engaged in the production of “aluminum-resistant” seeds.

10. The weather in Chattanooga and every other pace on the globe is being affected by these spray programs. At this point, there is little or no weather that could be considered “natural.” There is no way to even begin to quantify the damage being done to all life on earth by SAG and SRM. The current global extinction rate is beyond shocking; we are statistically in the sixth great extinction on our planet right now. The losses are in the range of 200 species of plants and animal every day. This rate is about 10,000 times “natural variability” (1 million percent of normal). It is impossible not to connect the issue of SAG and SRM to the mass die off once the impact and gravity of these programs is well understood. Global climate engineering is nothing short of an all-out assault against the entire web of life. Opinions may vary as to the motives of the ongoing geoengineering programs. But massive die off, total climate disruption, and planetary decimation, are the net result.

Dane Wigington is a private weather control researcher who runs an excellent website,

An aerial soup over Chicago. Since this program is not part of warmaking, it is not subject to international scrutiny. Since it is military, it is not subject to civilian oversight and routine environmental regulation by EPA.

An aerial soup over Chicago. Since this program is not part of warmaking, it is not subject to international scrutiny. Since it is military, it is not subject to civilian oversight and routine environmental regulation by EPA.

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